Be prepared for emergencies

Public safety agencies recommend residents put together emergency supply kits, which can come in handy in the event of floods, fires or extended power outages:

What you need to prepare for a flood

The essentials:

Water: one gallon per person per day. A week's supply is recommended.

Food: ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits and vegetables, canned juices, milk, soup (if powdered, store extra water)

Nonelectric can opener

Portable radio, flashlight, spare batteries

Essential medications

Candles, matches

Cash and change

Baby supplies: formula, bottle, pacifier, soap and baby powder, clothing, blankets, baby wipes, disposable diapers, canned food and juices

Important papers: insurance policies, copies of Social Security cards and birth certificates in a waterproof container

Pet supplies: food, carrier, leash

Other items:

Cooking and eating utensils

Sanitation supplies, including household bleach, toilet paper and bar soap

Change of clothing and sturdy shoes

Blankets, sleeping bags, rain gear

Tools and supplies, including shovel, ax, broom, screwdriver, pliers, hammer, and plastic or duct tape

For information on power outages and safety during storms:

Sacramento Municipal Utility District customers should check; search under "Customer Safety."

Pacific Gas and Electric customers should check, search under "Storms, Outages and Safety."

For information or to report flooding:

In unincorporated Sacramento County: Call the 24-hour line, (916) 875-7246. For river, creek, stream levels and rainfall amounts, check or

In the city of Sacramento: Call the 24-hour line at (916) 264-5011, or 311 from phones within the city, or see the websites, or

In Roseville, information on stream levels in the city is available at In the event flooding will occur, warnings will be issued via Roseville's Government Access Channel - cable channels 14 and 73 - on AM 530 radio and the city's website.

In Elk Grove, weather-related updates on street and stream flooding are posted at

In Rancho Cordova, call the Public Works Department, (916) 851-8710 during business hours, or (916) 875-5000 after hours or weekends.

For information on river and stream levels:

National Weather Service's California Nevada River Forecast Center:

California Department of Water Resources Current Stream Level:

For information on sandbag locations:

Sacramento County-operated and non-county-operated sites are listed on the website at

Placer County: and click on Sand and Sandbag Locations

El Dorado County: titleid=248&id=2147483692&terms=sandbags