Dramatic skies translate into little rain from Sacramento to the foothills

Despite wind, dramatic skies and claps of thunder, downtown Sacramento received no precipitation from the storm front that moved through the area on Saturday evening, said National Weather Service meteorologist Drew Peterson.

Folsom received the most sprinkling in the suburbs, just enough to leave raindrops on newly washed cars. In the foothills, some areas picked up a quarter of an inch of rain. Downtown Sacramento saw its last rainfall on July 20.

“Most of the precipitation was to the south and east of us,” said Peterson. “We just saw the lightning here, but we finally had a system where some precipitation broke onto the valley floor.”

The higher humidity in the Sierra has also helped keep the King fire from growing as explosively as it did earlier in the week, Peterson said.

“And the winds have been favorable, pushing the fire growth back into itself, into areas that have already been burned,” he said.

Before the storm system blows eastward over Nevada, light rain is expected today in the foothills east of Auburn and as far north as Chico, he said. For Sacramento, the humid conditions will linger, as will slightly cooler temperatures, he said.

Temperatures will reach the upper 80s for much of the coming week in Sacramento, with another storm system moving into the area on Thursday.

“I think people will begin noticing the transition to fall with some of these systems coming through,” Peterson said. “We’ll see cooler and wetter conditions into the next month.”

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