Sacramento region’s warm and dry weather continues

October somewhat resembles July as temperatures in the mid-90s have returned and will stick around in the Sacramento Valley for at least two more days.

Forecasters predict summer-like weather will continue this week with no rain and little wind. The Sacramento forecast for Sunday is a high of 95 degrees, 12 degrees above normal for early October. Monday will be almost as warm at 93.

“Warm and dry,” summed up National Weather Service meteorologist Drew Peterson. “Unfortunately, we don’t see any hint of precipitation, at least not in the first half of the month. It looks like high temperatures and dry conditions, unfortunately.”

That’s not good news as California endures its third consecutive year of drought.

“In October, we usually see some fall-type or even winter-type storm systems develop,” Peterson noted, “but it doesn’t look like that will happen until at least the last week of October, if then. We’re hoping to see something, but not yet. We just have above-average temperatures with no rain in sight.”

Meanwhile, a slight cooling trend will bring high temperatures back into near-normal range as the week progresses. Most of the coming week will be in the high to mid-80s, bottoming out on Thursday at a predicted 84.

“Then, we’ll start warming back up again,” Peterson said.

Typically the start of Sacramento’s rainy season, October usually averages about an inch of precipitation. Thanks to a few September thunderstorms, Sacramento’s rain year – which starts in July – is ahead of normal.

“We’re at 121 percent of normal precipitation,” Peterson explained. “But what that really means is we’re a tenth of an inch above normal. We’ve had .56 inches, and normal is .46. That’s good so far, but we have such a huge deficit to make up (due to the drought). October is when we usually start ramping up.”

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