Cooler temperatures beckon after another day of triple-digit heat


The National Weather Service predicts the temperature in Sacramento will climb to 101 today, marking the eighth straight day of triple-digit heat in the region.

Meteorologist Nathan Owen said the scorching weather won’t last much longer. He expects high temperatures to begin tapering off Sunday, with a high of about 94 degrees.

“We are looking at a little bit of a cool down into the early part of next week,” Owen said. He expects sunny skies and temperatures in the 90s throughout next week.

Here’s a look back at the highs over the last eight days:

Saturday, July 30: 101 degrees (predicted)

Friday, July 29: 106 degrees

Thursday, July 28: 105 degrees

Wednesday, July 27: 107 degrees

Tuesday, July 26: 108 degrees

Monday, July 25: 103 degrees

Sunday, July 24: 106 degrees

Saturday, July 23: 104 degrees

And what you should expect in the week ahead:

Sunday: Sunny, with a high of 94 degrees

Monday: Sunny. with a high of 93 degrees

Tuesday: Sunny, with a high of 95 degrees

Wednesday: Sunny and hot, with a high of 96 degrees

Thursday: Sunny, with a high of 92 degrees

Friday: Sunny, with a high of 92 degrees

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