Facebook, pie attacks, millennials and John Stumpf

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We turn our attention to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s generosity, the unfunny pie assault on Mayor Kevin Johnson, and our recommendation on $9 billion school bond on the Nov. 8 ballot, Proposition 51.

Take heart

The editorial page condemnation of Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf continued.

The Raleigh News & Observer declared Stumpf’s problem is that while many Republican members of Congress would be happy to take him to dinner and soothe his hurt feelings, an election year isn’t the best time to be seen hanging around with the head of a big bank.

Closer to home, the Mercury News of San Jose declared that Sen. Elizabeth Warren was correct: Stumpf must go. Our take is that the Wells Fargo’s board of directors will make that decision, after Stumpf twists in the wind a little longer.

More to the point, while Stumpf withstood Warren’s withering assault for bullying his employees into nickel and diming Wells Fargo customers, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan, his wife and a pediatrician, committed $3 billion to accelerate research to eradicate disease. What do you think is the better business model?

Take a number: 77 percent

Hillary Clinton clearly sees she has a millennial problem, as Josh Kraushaar of National Journal wrote recently. So how better to reach young voters than to appear on “Between Two Ferns,” with Zach Galifianakis. We know because one of our millennial daughters told us about it. Thanks for the tip, kiddo.

The comedian pressed Clinton: “When you see how well it works for Donald Trump, do you ever think to yourself, maybe I should be more racist.” She seemed a little tongue tied on that one. It can only help. Quinnipiac University poll showed that 77 percent of young people think she’s dishonest. Of course, 68 percent think Trump is dishonest. – Jack Ohman, @JackOhman

Our take

Editorial: Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin could pull off pie as comedic art. But Sean Thompson is no joker, and the half-baked attack on Mayor Kevin Johnson was not funny – and the mayor’s response was perfectly understandable.

Endorsement: Yes, we need schools. The California Democratic and Republican parties endorse the measure, as does the California Chamber of Commerce, the California Labor Federation and many elected leaders including Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. But Gov. Jerry Brown is correct that voters should reject Proposition 51, the $9 billion school construction bond.

Ben Boychuk: An essayist argues that 2016 is the “Flight 93 election” – a life-or-death contest for the republic that may end disastrously no matter what we do. On the face of it, the claim sounds nuts. It deserves serious consideration, rather than dismissal.

Alison Bateman-House, Arthur Caplan and Lisa Kearns’ Soapbox: Assembly Bill 1668, by Ian Calderon, D-Whittier, the “right to try” bill, offers false hope to the desperately ill.

Their take

L.A. Times: Californians should approve no more school bonds until the Legislature fixes its system for funding school construction. No on Proposition 51.

Orange County Register: Like much about his campaign, Donald Trump’s threat to sue the New York Times over unflattering coverage would be amusing if its implications weren’t so serious.

Charlotte Observer: We watched them on national news Wednesday night from our living rooms and other safe places. Tear gas popped and windows shattered. Analysts commented on the best police tactics to disperse rioters. “This is not the Charlotte I know,” people tweeted. “This is not who we are.” But it’s who we are right now.

Seattle Times: Voters should approve Initiative 1491, which would create court procedure to keep guns away from people who are a threat to themselves or others.

The Oklahoman: There has been no foot-dragging on the part of the Tulsa Police Department, or efforts to obfuscate. On the contrary, the department released video of the shooting to Terence Crutcher’s family. Here’s a wish that with continued strong leadership and forthrightness from all sides, calm prevails.

Syndicates take

Debra J. Saunders, The Chronicle: I wonder how his die-hard faithful will feel as they learn more about how Trump used the ostensibly charitable Donald J. Trump Foundation to launder purchases of high-ticket items the billionaire coveted and to settle legal issues for his luxury ventures.

Michael Gerson: Donald Trump’s willful ignorance on terrorism.

Eugene Robinson: Are there different gun laws for blacks and whites?

Dana Milbank: The Republicans’ kangaroo court.

Trudy Rubin: Republican security experts fear a Donald Trump presidency.

Nicholas Kristof: The best news you don’t know.

Gail Collins: Ready, aim, vote.

And finally,

Coming on Sunday in California Forum, we’ll offer our recommendation on Proposition 55, the 12-year extension of what was supposed to be a temporary tax increase that Jerry Brown had advocated.

Tweet of the day:

Sean Thompson: Mayor KJ “punched me in the face at least 2 times. I don’t think that was an appropriate response to a pie to the face.” – Ryan Lillis, ‏@Ryan_Lillis