The Take: Clinton, Trump debate: There’s no debate

Who won the debate?
Who won the debate? johman@sacbee.com

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Entering Monday night’s debate at Hofstra University, Donald Trump’s job was to look presidential and show himself to be acceptable to fence-sitters. Hillary Clinton’s job was to maintain the high ground and reach out to undecided voters.

We on the editorial board held our own debate-watching party, with Hot Italian pizza, and came to a conclusion. On one night in New York, Clinton clearly confirmed that she is prepared for the Oval Office, and Trump did not.

Take cover

Sheriff Scott Jones has issued thousands of permits to Sacramento County residents to carry concealed weapons. He also has revoked many, too, 57 last year, more than any other county in the state, according to journalist Joe Rubin, writing for the online publication The Trace.

Jones’ spokesman says the revocations prove Jones is insistent that permit carriers follow policy. But Rubin quotes Stanford Law School professor John Donohue as saying that if “you have a very permissive authority issuing concealed carry permits, you attract a higher number of undesirable people.”

Gov. Jerry Brown offered Jones solace Monday, vetoing a bill by Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, to grant counties authority to charge the full cost of issuing carry permits. Jones uses $240,000 in general taxpayer money to cover the cost of permits. We hope McCarty responds in 2017 with a bill the governor would sign, although we thought the bill he pushed this year was a worthwhile effort.

Take a number: 26

In 2007 and 2008, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama engaged in 26 debates. Most pundits believe Clinton won a majority of them. In April 2007, at the time of the first debate, Clinton led Obama by 10 points, a look back at polls compiled by RealClear Politics shows. Her lead grew to more than 20 points by October 2007. By February 2008, however, Obama had taken the lead. We all know how it turned out.

Our take

Endorsement: Voters generally should be wary of initiatives bankrolled by a single person, in this case Charles Munger Jr. But it’s hard to see how the legislative process – in which bills are rushed through in hours – could be made worse by Proposition 54.

Foon Rhee: The Sacramento Kings and their partners want a public square encircling Golden 1 Center to rival those in Europe. That isn’t likely, based upon a recent visit to the great piazzas of Italy.

Karin Klein: Is athletics too big on campus?

Emily Jeffers: EPA needs to get serious about ocean acidification.

Their take

San Diego Union-Tribune: Voters will be told over and over again in coming weeks that voting for Proposition 55 is voting “for the children.” Wrong. Voting for Proposition 55 is supporting a status quo that neglects our neediest students. Vote for them. Vote no on Proposition 55. We disagree.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: If farmers or consumers choose to devote themselves to non-GMO foods, more power to them. But their preference doesn’t warrant a blanket countywide ban that in the end is more about fear than farming.

Seattle Times: The memorials of the victims of the Cascade Mall shooting will begin soon – history repeating itself. Take a moment and read about the lives lost — from the perfect child killed at age 16 to the 95-year-old woman killed alongside her own daughter. What if they were you? Your loved one? What will you do to stop the next tragedy?

Las Vegas Review-Journal: There are plenty of arguments against annual legislative sessions, and California has just provided another one. AP reports that California lawmakers took off a combined 325 days. But that didn’t stop them from taking home a collective $56,000 in taxpayer-funded living expenses for time spent away from Sacramento.

The Oklahoman: Yes, compromise and comity are possible on Capitol Hill. Sens. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., and Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., co-wrote the Water Resources Development Act, which the Senate approved 95-3. More elected officials should take note.

Syndicates’ take

Andres Oppenheimer: Would Trump’s foreign policy serve U.S. interests, or his own?

Trudy Rubin: Hillary’s foreign policy.

Paul Krugman: Progressive family values.

Charles M. Blow: American epidemic, American consent on police shootings.

Tweets of #Debate2016

Anyone who thinks voters don’t care about the birther issue hasn’t spoken to a black voter recently. – Nick Riccardi ‏@NickRiccardi

This needs to trend: Why was Trump sniffing so much? #SNIFFGATE – Kurt Eichenwald ‏@kurteichenwald

Trump brought 20 minutes of material to a 90 minute show. – Stuart Stevens ‏@stuartpstevens

The late Merv Field used to say “if you’re explaining you’re losing.” Donald has been explaining all night. Sad. – Jerry Roberts ‏@JerrySBcitydesk

Always had the signs of a 400 pound hacker... – Rob Stutzman ‏@RobStutzman

The amazing thing is that SNL can use Trump’s transcript from this evening and not even use writers. – Bill Burton ‏@billburton

I see blood coming out of Trump’s whatever. – Jack Ohman @JackOhman