Taking stands on the presidential race

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We offer our recommendations on Proposition 63, Gavin Newsom’s gun control measure, and in the presidential race. Dianne Feinstein and Pete Wilson offer their takes on Newsom’s marijuana legalization initiative and Jerry Brown’s initiative, respectively, and we take our weekly spin through swing state editorial pages. Erika D. Smith writes about Colin Kaepernick, and recalls her third-grade act of rebellion. She was a stubborn one.

Take note

Editorial writers are a different sort. Opinionated, yes, and like any good newsperson, skeptical. Good ones are not partisan, and they allow facts to get in the way of their views.

In this election, typically Republican-leaning editorial pages in San Diego, Dallas, Phoenix and New Hampshire, to name some, are urging voters to reject Donald Trump. Most support Hillary Clinton, though The Chicago Tribune and Manchester Union Leader turned to Gary Johnson. Trump used his medium to tweet attacks on news organizations.

Media do come in different shapes. The Camarillo-based Salem Media Group describes itself as America’s leading radio broadcaster, internet content provider, and publisher targeting audiences interested in Christian, family-themed content and conservative values.

Salem chairman Edward Atsinger III donated $2,700 to Trump in July. Salem’s talkers include Hugh Hewitt, who wrote in The Washington Post this summer: “For the good of the country, Republicans have to be clear about the binary choice in front of us, close ranks around Trump.” Radio talkers are a different sort.

Take a number: $103 billion

California would lose $103 billion if mass deportations of undocumented immigrants happened, a study shows, as analyzed by Foon Rhee in the latest Numbers Crunch. Nationally, the Center for American Progress estimates, there’d be a $434 billion annual hit to the GDP.

Our take

Endorsement: Hillary Clinton is not charismatic, but she is a hardworking, smart politician who can tackle terrorism, financial insecurity and the other very complicated problems we face today.

Endorsement: Proposition 63, Gavin Newsom’s gun measure that’s too high-stakes to fail.

Editorial: After weeks of silence, Sacramento police dash-cam video of the Joseph Mann shooting explains plenty.

Erika D. Smith: Colin Kaepernick has tapped into squeamishness that many Americans feel but have pushed down for fear of being labeled unpatriotic.

Gerald Haslam: On symbols, control and Colin Kaepernick.

Dianne Feinstein on Proposition 64: It fails to adequately address the public health and safety consequences associated with recreational marijuana use.

Pete Wilson on Proposition 57: Tough-on-crime laws have saved lives; don’t turn back.

Bill Burton’s Soapbox: Republican candidates feel heat as Trump flames out. Donald Trump’s behavior presents a danger for every Republican running for Congress in competitive seats.

Elliott Lapin: Donald Trump’s mocking of others should cause us all to look at ourselves.

David A. Lehrer: Donald Trump has become the great unifier.

Jane Braxton Little: Our love of oysters threatens to take a toll on Humboldt Bay.

John M. Hein: Driverless cars propel us into an uncharted future.

Steve Hansen: Sacramento’s transit system is on the verge of improvement. Check out what’s happening in Kansas City.

Dan Walters: Medical care is California’s biggest industry, dwarfing all others.

Marcos Breton: It’s not every day that a registered sex offender sues his victim on his way to jail. But that’s what Lang Her did just before he started serving his one-year sentence for the assault of Yee Xiong.

Their take

Andrew Malcolm, McClatchy DC: What a Facebook post by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend about George H.W. Bush says about an angry America.

L.A. Times: Vote “No” vote on Proposition 55, the income tax initiative. We disagree but are not excited.

Torrance Daily Breeze: Nanette Barragan has the potential to be an effective advocate for the 44th Congressional District.

L.A. Daily News: Re-elect Steve Knight to Congress in 25th District.

San Bernardino Sun: Assemblyman Marc Steinorth is effective and deserves re-election.

Orange County Register: Get a warrant for marijuana, not a permit, as cities consider what to do about home cultivation.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: As Colorado’s experience proves, the initial high of legalization can quickly wear off.

Takes from swing states

Sun Sentinel, Florida-29 electoral votes: Donald Trump is not qualified to be president.

Tampa Bay Times, Florida-29: How can Donald Trump admire Vladimir Putin?

Detroit News, Michigan-16: This newspaper does something it has never done in its 143-year history: endorse someone other than a Republican for president. We abandon that long and estimable tradition this year for one reason: Donald J. Trump.

Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio-18: The country doesn’t need a revolution. It isn’t a wreck. It requires the right brand of change.

Athens News, Ohio-18: Hillary Clinton is the far superior option.

Charlotte Observer, North Carolina-15: Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency and would steer our country toward peril.

Arizona Republic, Arizona-11: The Arizona Republic, which began publication in 1890, never endorsed a Democrat over a Republican for president. This year is different.

Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota-10: Take a new look at one of the most praiseworthy but overlooked policy proposals of the campaign: Hillary Clinton’s intelligent framework for mental-health reform.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin-10: The candidate who claims the country needs to rebuild its military couldn’t spare a dime of his own money to support our troops.

Las Vegas Sun, Nevada-6: We instead draw your attention to these three big newspapers that promote Republican values but know when there’s a presidential election that transcends party loyalty.

Portland Press Herald, Maine-4: Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of the most qualified people ever to run for the office, and she easily earns our endorsement.

Syndicates’ take

Trudy Rubin: Donald Trump’s laziness would endanger national security.

David Brooks: The death of idealism.

Timothy Egan: Fat-shamer in chief.

Gail Collins: How could anyone vote for Donald Trump?

Paul Krugman: How the Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump race got close.

And finally,

Speaking of endorsements: Donald Trump is no Martin Van Buren. – Jack Ohman, @JackOhman