A real estate mogul praises Trump, now that he has won. Evidently

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Take it down

While fans of the President-elect Donald Trump might be fantasizing about him putting his name on the White House – in his signature gold block letters, no doubt – residents of three buildings he once owned in New York are happy with the reality that his name has finally come down.

On Wednesday, Equity Residential was yanking the lettering from 140, 160 and 180 Trump Place – and ordered the street be renamed – to make the apartments more appealing to renters disgusted by Trump. A “Dump the Trump name” petition has been circulating since October.

Perhaps someone didn’t get the memo. Or maybe the memo was confusing.

Last year, Equity Residential boss and Chicago billionaire Sam Zell, then a Marco Rubio supporter, told CNBC that Trump lacked the right temperament for the White House.

During the 2016 campaign, Zell donated at least $904,000 to Republican House and Senate campaigns, and the GOP, Federal Election Commission records show. None of it went to Trump.

Now that Trump has won, it’d be wise to make nice, and so Zell was singing Trump’s praises on CNBC Wednesday: “I think this country needs someone like Trump to encourage us and lead us in an optimistic fashion.” – Erika D. Smith @Erika_D_Smith

Take a number: 4,802

Rep. Ami Bera’s lead over Republican Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones grew to 4,802, the Sacramento Registrar of Voters reported Wednesday. Jones had been in Washington, D.C., for an orientation for new members. It might seem presumptuous. But more than 100,000 votes must be counted. In Orange and San Diego counties, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, held a 4,000-vote lead over Democratic challenger Doug Applegate, and sent out a fundraising pitch claiming liberals were trying to steal the election. “Without providing evidence, Issa said people who are not eligible to vote have cast provisional ballots against him,” The San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Classy guy, that Issa.

Our take

Erika D. Smith: Six months ago, hardly anyone in rapidly gentrifying Oak Park paid much attention to Alfreda and Bobby. They were just two elderly homeless people, lugging around overflowing shopping carts and bags of precious stuff, struggling to make their way in the world.

Editorial: One of the many, many ways Donald Trump is different than any president before him is the extent of his business empire around the world. He must put his holdings into a real blind trust to reassure Americans that his decisions are in the national interest, not to further his business interests.

Editorial: Nevada voters helped make Californians safer, with the help of an elementary school principal and a billionaire’s millions. Now it’s Arizona’s turn to take that step, for the safety of its citizens and ours.

Joe Mathews: Digital media is deluging us in the past, crowding out debate on the future.

V. John White: Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility doesn’t need to be reopened to meet California’s energy needs.

Their take

The Fresno Bee: We can envision several scenarios that would be favorable for Central Valley agriculture and water deliveries. Surely a small percentage of the president-elect’s trillion-dollar plan could be earmarked for dams at Temperance Flat and the planned Sites Reservoir in Northern California.

Orange County Register: As we warned for months in the lead-up to the general election, the prospect of the legalization of marijuana for recreational use was very real and cities should begin grappling with how to respond. Now is the time to begin crafting a manageable system of enforcement.

Los Angeles Times: Having campaigned on anti-immigration “facts” that are mainstays of conservative blogs and talk radio, President-elect Donald Trump now has a lot to learn before turning his pronouncements into policies that enhance, rather than undermine, public safety.

The Denver Post: Denver voters gave the green light this election for business owners in the city to start allowing consumption of bring-your-own cannabis on their premises.

Miami Herald: President-elect Donald Trump said he wants to unite the country. That’s good. But he reached out to the political fringe to install Stephen Bannon, a prominent advocate of the white supremacist movement, as an adviser. That’s bad. Very bad.

Lexington Herald-Leader: In the last couple of weeks, three students have walked into one high school with guns. The news would frighten any parent. But what should disturb everyone in the community is that all three students said they had the guns to deal with things outside school, some danger they feared in the community where they live.

Syndicates take

Dana Milbank: Donald Trump must disavow the alt-right.

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On the Electoral College: In other words, a vote in Wyoming is worth 3.64 times as much as a vote in California. – Bob Kegley, Citrus Heights

President-elect Trump’s Twitter feed

“I have recieved and taken calls from many foreign leaders despite what the failing @nytimes said. Russia, U.K., China, Saudi Arabia, Japan,”

Pardon us, sir, but it’s spelled received.