The Take: Gavin Newsom confronts billionaire Vinod Khosla

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Letters to the editor

These chest-pounding legislators need to stand down and respect the office of the presidency until it is no longer deserved. – Dave Putman, Citrus Heights

Taking a chance

The California State Lands Commission, a rather obscure state entity, took the rather bold step of confronting Silicon Valley billionaire Vinod Khosla.

Khosla owns the land above Martins Beach, a lovely strip of San Mateo County beach, including the access road to it, and is battling state efforts to require that he allow unfettered access.

“We aren’t backing off,” Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, one of three Lands Commission members, told the audience of perhaps 100 people, many of them advocates for beach access.

The commission voted to begin the process of invoking eminent domain. But Newsom made clear he hopes for a settlement. That’s wise. The cost is one issue. The commission staff pegs the cost of seizing the access road at $360,000. Khosla’s lawyers have put the cost at tens of millions.

More ominous, however, is Khosla’s threat to press his suit challenging the state’s authority to require beach access. Perhaps, the state would prevail and uphold long-standing law that the public must have access to beaches.

Then again, a U.S. Supreme Court, filled by an appointee of President/real estate mogul Donald Trump, could decide that property owners’ rights are paramount.