Steinberg’s first day; Rick Perry’s Exxon friends

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Mayor Steinberg has a smart and strong first day: Darrell Steinberg understands what only long experience can teach a politician about governing a city – that it’s not just the big things, but also the little things that matter.

Obama should ban offshore drilling on the West Coast, and fast: California leaders have made an extraordinary request in asking President Barack Obama to permanently ban offshore oil and gas drilling in federal waters along the Pacific coastline. The president should do as they ask.


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Take a number: $223,800

Donald Trump’s first Cabinet meeting will be a little like old home week for Energy Secretary-Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Secretary of State-Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, assuming the Republican-controlled Senate confirms them. Exxon executives donated $223,800 to Perry during his tenure as governor, according to the count of the reliable nonprofit Texans for Public Justice. “That’s a sizable sum, but hardly eye-popping by Texas standards,” research director Andrew Wheat tells me. Here’s a link to TPJ’s list of Perry’s biggest donors; one gave more than $2.5 million.

Their take

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Orange County Register: After a six-year tug of war between the Coastal Commission, Surfrider Foundation, the city of Dana Point and the developer of the Strand at Headlands, the commission seemingly got one last jab in, forcing the city to remove gates that had been used to restrict beach access.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: With the 21st Century Cures Act now law and destigmatizing efforts underway, substance-use disorders are finally getting the right attention – by most. But some Texas officials seem to continue believing that cutting off the drug supply from Mexico will solve the drug epidemic.

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If the Russians were involved in the hacking of the DNC and John Podesta’s emails, was any of the hacked data subsequently leaked untrue? John F. Petkovich, Roseville

Taking his time

Darrell Steinberg was working on his speech a few days before his inauguration and told The Take that it would take 17 minutes to deliver. That’s not too long, right? he asked. Nah. Perfect.

On his big night at the Railroad Museum, Steinberg was still going, 34 minutes into the speech. And it went on from there.

The morning after, he said he stuck to the script but that it somehow took longer to deliver. But it was worth it to hear “… And let’s build! That! Planetarium!!” Now that was an applause line no one heard coming.

“I was in the moment,” the mayor said the following day at Oak Park Community Center. He could be forgiven. It’s not every day that a guy gets sworn in as mayor. “I was drinking it in.”