The Take: It’s Uber’s world; we just ride in it

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Our take


Change is inevitable, as Uber and other tech companies make clear with each passing day. California should not impose undue regulations or stifle innovation. But sensors and robotics can go on the blink. The state is right to insist that Uber, like 20 other tech and auto companies, comply with basic permitting and reporting requirements.


Marcos Breton: Why DeMarcus Cousins’ latest meltdown is not the biggest problem plaguing the Sacramento Kings.

Gregory Favre: It’s not the first time we have seen Michelle Obama and George W. Bush in a picture together, but this one touched nerves as none before, mostly positive, although there were critics, on the right and left.


George Runner: Fake-news concerns could lead to assault on free speech. Giving government the role of media gatekeeper isn’t the solution to our problems. Let’s devote ourselves to creating a strong, unbiased educational system so people can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Dr. G. Richard Olds: Doctor shortage in poor, rural areas needs to be addressed.

Take a number: 10,265

There were 10,265 alcohol-related traffic fatalities in 2015. That includes 181 children. Half the kids who died were occupants of vehicles in which the driver had blood-alcohol content above the legal limit. And, by the way, the number of traffic fatalities in the first half of 2016 reached 17,775, the highest since the same period in 2008. It is a tragic tradition that most traffic fatalities occur in the second half of any year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds. Perhaps you should Uber it home after the holiday party.

Their take

Chicago Tribune: Life after debt: Could company cash help college grads pay back loans? The real fix here would be to curb easy access to federal student loans. The more financial aid the federal government gives to students, the more colleges can raise the cost of tuition.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: No one wants to hear that he or she needs to lose a few pounds. But worse words would be: You have diabetes. Or: You have heart disease.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: The Texas Death Chamber had a slow year. This year, for the first time since 2002, Texas did not lead the nation in executions.

Orange County Register: With Donald Trump’s win official, foes must find ways to work with him.

Charlotte Observer: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is leaving office with a whimper, a fitting ending to a thoroughly disappointing term. McCrory took office four years ago endorsed by most of the state’s newspapers, riding a decisive victory and a careerlong record as a centrist who got things done. He leaves it as legislative roadkill, unable to stand up for anything or to anyone.

Denver Post: Colorado’s legal cannabis industry topped $1 billion in sales in the first 10 months of the year. But Jeff Sessions, tapped to be the next U.S. attorney general, could decide to return the agency to aggressive enforcement of federal marijuana laws. Conservatives should stand up for states’ rights and allow the success of this new industry to continue.

Syndicates’ take

Michael Gerson: It is one of fate’s cruel jokes that conservatism should be at its modern nadir just as the Republican Party is at its zenith – if conservatism is defined as embracing limited government, displaying a rational, skeptical and moderate temperament and believing in the priority of the moral order.

Donna Gentile O’Donnell: Jon Stewart should head the DNC – no kidding.

Dana Milbank: Donald Trump hasn’t had a news conference in 145 days. But that’s OK: His able spokesmen, on a daily basis, are very capable of saying nothing in his stead.

David Leonhardt: Barack Obama and North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory say goodbye in very different ways.

Jonathan Bernstein: What’s the harm in Democrats emulating Sen. Mitch McConnell’s “no” strategy? For one thing, refusing to compromise means the out party has no chance to influence policy.

Ruben Navarrette: John Podesta deflects blame from Hillary Clinton’s failures.

Kathleen Parker: Dear Mr. Trump ... Welcome to hell.


DeMarcus Cousins: Love him, or hate him – Walter Graviet vs. Marjorie Marquardt, of Sacramento

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“Perlman says his eye doctor told him to come back in 2 yrs” – San Francisco Chronicle editorial writer Marshall Kilduff ‏@marshallkilduff, on Chronicle science editor David Perlman’s 98th birthday.