The Take: Kamala Harris speculation begins, or more accurately, continues

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Our take


What a tweeting Trump doesn’t get about foreign policy: A remembrance at Pearl Harbor shows what foreign policy is – nuanced, delicate and often orchestrated, with repercussions that can last for decades. It is not conducted by tweets fired off in anger or pique – and the sooner President-elect Donald Trump figures that out, the safer America and the world will be.


Erika D. Smith: Carrie Fisher of “Star Wars” fame and pop singer George Michael are the latest icons to die. More than one journalist has declared 2016 “the year the music died.” But I’ll go a step further and call it the year pop culture died – or at least was dealt a severe blow with a lightsaber.

Susan Sward: In the early morning hours, I watch the city wake up all around me. People walk dogs. Garbage trucks grind up and down the streets. Buses, not yet crowded with passengers, rumble by. There is a certain calm that comes from watching these acts repeated every day at the same time. It is almost like sitting in the theater and watching as the curtain rises on the first act of a play.


Aubrey Bettencourt: On the Delta plan, the State Water Resources Control Board isn’t listening to objections based on scientific evidence, human and ecological suffering, economic impacts, job losses and political pressure from Southern California and the Central Valley.

Hans Johnson: To combat Donald Trump, progressives should heed lessons from California’s plastic bag ban.

Paula Lee: Sacramento shouldn’t go to “strong mayor” system, whether it’s Kevin Johnson or Darrell Steinberg.

Take a number: 10

The Hill picked 10 first-term members of the House and Senate to watch. Not surprisingly, California’s own Kamala Harris was among them. The item pointed out that Harris is setting herself up to be a foil to Donald Trump, and points out: “She’s also already the focus of speculation as a potential 2020 White House candidate, and is setting herself up to be a chief critic of Trump.” And so the speculation begins, although as The Bee’s chief politics writer Christopher Cadelago notes: “Yeah. It really began at 8:01 p.m. on Nov. 8.”

Their take

San Diego Union-Tribune: The long-term way to square these concerns is the same now as it was in the 1980s: Build more water storage. But is there a responsible short-term fix? If so, it’s tough to see. We doubt the next president will be inclined to much introspection – so watch out, California. Unless the courts get in the way, the Golden State could be on the brink of a massive environmental experiment.

Orange County Register: Wall Street analysts say Uber is likely to lose $3 billion this year, mostly due to the cost of paying drivers. Uber’s push to get self-driving cars on the road could be central to the company’s plans for future profitability. It’s just not going to happen in California anytime soon.

Chicago Tribune: With news of the death Tuesday of “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher, there truly was a disturbance in the Force. By which we mean there was a global outpouring of affection and mourning via social media from Fisher’s many fans.

Seattle Times: Washington’s mental health care system needs a fix, and not just a plan drawn up in crisis. Gov. Jay Inslee has started the Legislature down that road by releasing a $300 million, two-year mental-health-reform proposal. The plan is thoughtful and the scope is impressive, both in dollars and systemic reforms.

Biloxi Sun Herald: People who harm defenseless animals need help. We watched the videos in horror. We wish we hadn’t. The worst was a cat in a cage being scalded in Moss Point. The people the video depicts carry out their horrific act with shocking indifference.

Syndicates’ take

Kathleen Parker: The usual regrets – too much ice cream, not enough exercise, too quick with a retort, not enough thank-you notes – all feel quaintly irrelevant juxtaposed against a collection of very real fears about the future. To put a fine point on it, Donald Trump’s election has released a malevolent spirit upon the land. Fear thee well to 2016.

David Leonhardt: Donald Trump says he supports universal health care. He should push for it.

Andres Oppenheimer: Yes, the world is becoming a better place.


Donald Trump’s election was a rejection of Barack Obama’s tenure. – John Schleimer, Roseville

Tweet of the day

“Unfortunately, this will happen in California too --> “Younger students in Washington state see pot as less harmful and report using it more” -- Ken Barnes @kenjbarnes.

Barnes was retweeting Sen. Dr. Richard Pan’s tweet of a Scientific American article detailing how since legalization, kids in Washington state were viewing weed as benign. And yet the California Medical Association endorsed Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Proposition 64.