Owning Trump’s fallout, praising Steinberg’s bold idea on homelessness

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Our take


Congress won’t be able to hide from President Donald Trump’s fallout: The potential blame that congressional Republicans could be saddled with appears to be metastasizing daily, from the alienation of key trading partners to the draconian travel ban that created international confusion over the weekend. Trump breaks it, you own it – so speak up, congressional GOP.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s proposal on homelessness is bold, and necessary: For too many years, inertia has been passed off as action, while hundreds of men and women continue to sleep outside every night in Sacramento County. What is needed is bold action on homelessness, and Steinberg’s plan, which leads Tuesday’s joint meeting between the city and county, fits that bill.


Foon Rhee: Mayor Darrell Steinberg wanted his say on the planned Convention Center expansion. He now owns the decision, but at least it will be based on data and facts, unlike the gusher of executive actions from President Donald Trump.

Karin Klein: If Gov. Jerry Brown gets his way on middle-class scholarships, UC could look more like a system with a bifurcated student population – lower-income students who get a free ride, and the affluent whose parents can afford the whole tab.

Dan Walters: Gov. Jerry Brown may limit public school funding in the new budget. School officials are not happy, and another budget fight is brewing.


Mike Tharp: Laith Hammoudi couldn’t tell anyone what he did for a living. He came to work and went home every day by a different route. Each night we compiled the daily “terror report,” a roundup of bombs, shootings and other violence in Iraq. How can a man deal with that – and the existential threats to his own family – every day for 14 years? But Laith has endured.

Kim Belshé and Moira Kenney: Despite the research and the public support, California simply isn’t investing enough in early education. More than 1.2 million eligible children still are not enrolled in subsidized child care because there isn’t enough state funding.

Their take

Los Angeles Times: Trump not only created chaos with his unfair and inhumane refugee order, but displayed a blind spot – or a callous contempt – for the impact of his action.

San Jose Mercury News: GOP leaders need to stand up to Trump on bizarre immigration policy.

Charlotte Observer: Sens. Tillis and Burr – and all Republicans – face a choice on Trump.

Miami Herald: Trump’s ban on refugees is a blot on American values.

Dallas Morning News: Republicans: Find your voice and oppose Trump’s offensive refugee order.

Raleigh News & Observer: Trump’s reckless ban on refugees and immigrants.

Syndicates’ take

Michael Gerson: The image of President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Defense Secretary James Mattis signing an executive order that excludes Syrian refugees from America is indelible. Three powerful American leaders, targeting and dehumanizing some of the most vulnerable people on earth. It’s a picture of national shame.

Eugene Robinson: President Donald Trump’s immigration order wasn’t about making America safe. It was about nationalism, xenophobia and punishing innocent Muslims for the vile acts committed by terrorists.

Andres Oppenheimer: New studies that show the President Donald Trump’s claim that he will bring jobs back from Mexico is a nationalist-populist hallucination. If these jobs ever come back, the vast majority of them will be replaced by robots. In the process, he may make all U.S. consumers pay more for cars, refrigerators and virtually everything else.

Paul Krugman: We’re just over a week into the Trump-Putin regime, and it’s already getting hard to keep track of the disasters.


“Can we just say Donald Trump is incompetent for this job?” – Catherine Elliott, Folsom

Tweet of the day

“President Trump to Sally Yates, the acting attorney general who ordered DOJ not to defend immigration order: You’re fired.” – @ToddRuger