Trump blusters, McClintock frets, and tech giants go to court

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Our take


Trump’s out-of-control threats need to stop: President Donald Trump may think he is strong by issuing threats to cut California funding. In reality, he comes off sounding like a bully, an ill-informed one at that. And no matter whom they supported in 2016, all voters should be alarmed at his authoritarian tendencies.

That’s not anarchy, Rep. McClintock, it’s democracy: Anarchists didn’t disrupt Rep. Tom McClintock’s town hall last weekend. That’s just what constituents look like when you don’t do your job, Congressman.


Foon Rhee: Why isn’t President Donald Trump targeting visas for the wealthy? A program that awards green cards to foreign investors, mostly rich Chinese, has been used for major projects, including Downtown Commons around Golden 1 Center. There’s a bipartisan effort to eliminate the EB-5 program due to concerns about fraud, but Trump is strangely silent given his crusade to limit other immigration.

Dan Walters: California will have a lot riding when the U.S. Supreme Court’s vacancy is filled and it begins taking up controversial cases on immigration, refugees, union dues, gun control and gold mining.


Alex Padilla: Free and fair elections are the very foundation of our democracy. As a nation, we deserve better from our commander in chief than endless tweets that undermine our most fundamental institutions.

Laura Feinstein: From public water systems to private wells in poor communities, and drought fees to fishermen and Indian tribes, those relying on water experienced an additional burden, according to a new study, “Drought and Equity in California.”

Take a number: 127

President Donald Trump promises to make America’s economy great again and focus on jobs. Perhaps he should heed tech companies. By Monday, no fewer than 127 of them had signed on to a brief opposing Trump’s executive order on immigrants and refugees. Tesla joined Apple, Google and other California and West Coast firms that are calling for welcoming immigrants. The amicus brief was filed with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, which will hear lawyers’ arguments Tuesday on a federal judge’s ruling blocking the order.

Their take

San Francisco Chronicle: Oakland’s decision to clear out a homeless camp known as Promise Land shows it’s getting more difficult for local officials to make progress.

San Jose Mercury News: Google’s victory in its “right to be forgotten” battle in Japan highlights how far behind the United States is in dealing with online privacy issues.

Charlotte Observer: Donald Trump’s tendency to question the legitimacy of the judicial branch has gone beyond inappropriate and is now a threat to American judicial independence.

Macon (Georgia) Telegraph: Donald Trump has kept his campaign promises, and that could spell trouble for the Peach State. The state is home to more than 30 bi-national chambers of commerce and more than 90 consular and trade offices representing countries from around the world.

Kansas City Star: President Donald Trump says he wants to repeal the decades-old ban on political endorsements by churches. If you’re going to open this door, Mr. President, open it all the way. We all have a right to speak freely, but none of us has a right to do it tax-free.

National Review: The president’s executive order regarding travel from seven Muslim-majority countries is entirely lawful, and a dutiful judiciary would make that clear. Donald Trump can help the 9th Circuit come to the right decision by letting his lawyers, rather than his Twitter account, do the arguing.

Syndicates’ take

Michael Gerson: Where is the Republican red line when it comes to President Donald Trump? It is too early to determine but not too early to consider. Trump’s theory of governing could be a direct and serious challenge to American institutions.

Andres Oppenheimer: A new report from Freedom House on political liberties around the world ranks the United States pretty high on the list, but if President Donald Trump continues on his present course, we are likely to see the country falling far behind the world’s freest countries next year.

Trudy Rubin: Steve Bannon’s radical worldview should unnerve anyone who still thinks American democracy is based on religious and political tolerance. And his outlook clearly syncs with President Donald Trump’s gut instincts. So the Breitbart provocateur has become the White House ideologue-in-chief.

Eugene Robinson: President Donald Trump’s supporters may convince themselves that the tantrums are part of a clever act. But if they were, Trump’s closest aides wouldn’t be leaking news stories to what he calls the “dishonest media.”

Paul Krugman: President Donald Trump and his allies in Congress are making it a priority to unravel financial reform – and specifically the parts of financial reform that protect consumers against predators.


“Saturday’s rally at Rep. Tom McClintock’s town hall meeting should be circulated among our elected representatives as a primer for how not to comport oneself with one’s constituents.” – Susan Greenwood, Auburn

Tweet of the day

“@WhiteHouse list of ‘inadequately covered’ terror attacks includes ‘San Bernadino.’ We covered it enough to know how 2 spell #SanBernardino” – Doug Sovern @SovernNation