High-speed rail, a health care fail, and bail. We’ll always have Paris, or not


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Jack Ohman says that there’s more to covfefe in American history than you realize. Check out the cartoon here.

Our take


California Democrats are acting like Republicans on health care: California Senate Democrats take a page from House Republicans by passing half-baked health care legislation and calling it a solution.

Want jobs for the “forgotten man”? Finish high-speed rail: The Central Valley needs to become part of the rest of California. An efficient way to get to the Silicon Valley is vital to connecting it with the rest of the state.

Fresno Bee: At the rate his team is going, Fresno Mayor Lee Brand might have to raise his job-creation goals.

San Luis Obispo Tribune: As a public service, we’ve decided to set the record straight on a dozen of the most common mistakes/misconceptions/wrong-headed conclusions about San Luis Obispo County.


Erika D. Smith: Mayors in red and blue states say they’ll keep following the Paris climate accord despite Donald Trump’s decision to exit.

Marcos Breton: Every summer, in what is now a wretched rite of passage, huge swaths of Sacramento’s urban forest go up in flames. These blazes often spark from illegal campfires started in illegal campsites.

Dan Walters: George Deukmejian, who threw a party for the Capitol press corps as he departed, brought in a belly dancer for entertainment and, to my everlasting chagrin, prearranged for her to pull me up to dance with her.


Alexis Barries: Break the sad cycle of foster kids having foster kids. More than half of young women in foster care in California will have been pregnant at least once by age 19. Most are unwanted pregnancies.

John M. Hein: What Trump isn’t doing to fight cyberattacks. We must insist elected officials give priority to managing, protecting, and defending our interests in the digital world.

Take a number: 17 percent

Rising pension costs and labor contracts would be enough to make the wonks who put together city budgets worry. But what about sales tax revenue? In the latest Numbers Crunch, Foon Rhee looks at how much City Hall relies on shoppers spending money at brick-and-mortar stores. The city gets 17 percent of its general fund from sales taxes. All the closings and bankruptcies of retail chains is another reason to worry about Sacramento’s budget.

Their take

San Diego Union Tribune: California’s bail policy is a relic in need of reform. Thankfully, Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, and state Sen. Bob Hertzberg, D-Los Angeles, realized this and introduced identical bills in each chamber to adopt a Washington-style approach. Our view.

San Francisco Chronicle: Senate Bill 35 Sen. Scott Wiener promises to ease California’s housing crisis by the only means likely to succeed over the long run: preventing local governments from needlessly restricting residential construction.

East Bay Times: Assemblyman Matthew Harper’s AB 776 originally required that ballot wording for school bond measures include the taxpayer cost. Seems basic, right? Well, by the time the bill made it out of the Assembly elections committee it had been watered down from even that.

Orange County Register: Whatever the merits of single-payer health care, what the Senate voted on was a proposal lacking critical details without which a responsible vote in favor is impossible. We agree.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: With President Donald Trump on a quixotic crusade to revive the coal mining industry, California, more than ever, must assume national leadership on climate policy.

Ned Barnett, Raleigh News & Observer: State Treasurer Dale Folwell is sounding alarms about the two huge programs he manages, the state’s pension and health plans. The question is still open as to whether Folwell is a fiscal Paul Revere or a Chicken Little.

Kansas City Star: The House and Senate agreed to pass a bill to keep concealed guns out of the state’s public hospitals, its 26 community mental health centers and adult care homes. Guns and the mentally ill and physically fragile just don’t mix. Gov. Sam Brownback should have no qualms about adding his signature to the bill.

Charlotte Observer: North Carolina’s prisons are filled with violence, drugs and sex – thanks partly to the prison officers paid to watch over prisoners. Gov. Roy Cooper and other state leaders need to fix this mess.

Miami Herald: The effects of climate change are already visible in coastal regions, and especially in South Florida, where municipalities, namely Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, have signed an agreement to combat the phenomenon with ecological measures.

Syndicates’ take

Frank Bruni: Evergreen State College protests against white biology professor Bret Weinstein are a gift to right-wing media.

David Brooks: Selfishness helps explain why Donald Trump is suspicious of any cooperative global arrangement, like NATO, and why Trump pulled out of the Paris global-warming accord.

Paul Krugman: The U.S. economy would do just fine under the Paris accord. This isn’t about nationalism; mainly, it’s about sheer spite.

Dana Milbank: The withdrawal from the world climate accord itself wasn’t terribly surprising, but the way he did it was a thumb in the eye to the rest of humanity.

Nicholas Kristof: What monkeys can teach us about fairness, and “The Broken Ladder.”

Kathleen Parker: In withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, Trump accidentally blundered into anti-federalism on an international scale.

Maureen Dowd: Donald Trump cranks up the music and dances to Steve Bannon’s tune.

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Donald Trump’s “America First” slogan reflects the diplomacy of narcissism.

Ross Douthat: The Paris accords were not sufficiently rooted in reality. But anti-Paris sentiments that moved Trump aren’t reality-based either.

Ruben Navarrette: The Trump administration and Republicans around the country got all worked up about sanctuary cities before they had even defined the term.

Trudy Rubin: President Trump shows no interest in donning the mantle of leader of the free world and appears much more comfortable in the company of dictators, autocrats and potentates.

Leonard Pitts Jr.: I have no more blood aunts and uncles. Not on either side. My sisters and brother and cousins and I, we are the “grown-ups” now. We are the family.


“Oh well, maybe China will give us a good deal on solar panels when we come to our senses.” Frank Horowitz, Sacramento

And finally,

Paul Wilner: The Beatles’ landmark album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” was released 50 years ago June 1. The music may not be the masterpiece it seemed in 1967, but the anniversary and cultural impact remain astonishing.