Trump’s America: White, privileged and playing the victim card. And North Korea

Jack Ohman says you don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way climate change is going. See Donald Trump’s view here.

Our take


White, privileged and a victim? This is Trump's America: From diversity at Google to depictions of black families in Procter & Gamble ads, society’s winners act like its victims, too.


Markos Kounalakis, McClatchyDC: The war Donald Trump’s new chief of staff, General John F. Kelly, will never forget.

Andrew Malcolm, McClatchyDC: Without repair, Donald Trump’s poor relationship with congressional Republicans threatens to sink GOP chances of holding its congressional majorities in next year’s midterm elections.

Dan Walters, CalMatters: San Diego County is in many ways a microcosm of California – its urban core is multicultural and liberal/Democratic in its politics.


Judy Wilkinson: Let’s abolish the California Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Take a number: 142

Just how bad is the opioid crisis? California hospitals treat one overdose victim every 45 minutes, and nationwide, about 142 people die every day from the powerful painkillers – a death toll equal to that of the Sept. 11 attacks every three weeks. So far, though, President Donald Trump seems unmoved. On Tuesday, he carved time from his busy schedule of golfing and tweeting in Bridgewater, N.J., to hold a press conference on the topic. He delivered tough, if vague words, vowing to “beat this horrible situation.” But, for now, he also rejected the advice of his own Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, which wants him to declare a national emergency. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price deemed such a move unnecessary. Tell that to the dozens of families who lose loved ones every day. – Erika D. Smith, @Erika_D_Smith

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Their take

San Francisco Chronicle: You cannot fight madness with madness. North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, an international menace with his escalating bellicosity and developing nuclear capability, warned that his nation might take “physical action” in retaliation for the newly tightened United Nations sanctions. By Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump was giving the world cause to worry about his own steadiness in a crisis with few, if any, good options.

Mercury News: California should adopt Glendale Sen. Anthony Portantino’s SB 328, which requires middle and high schools to start their regular class schedules no earlier than 8:30 a.m. Our view: A smart way to put children first and make mornings less hectic.

LA Times: The rough-and-tumble campaign to recall Sen. Josh Newman, D-Fullerton, has managed to tarnish the integrity of the state’s campaign finance watchdog, the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Miami Herald: The search for a new Miami Dolphins quarterback was not about Colin Kaepernick. This is not a question of political ideology. The question is, What part of bigotry is patriotic? The questions are persistent, the answers elusive. However, little of this is about Colin Kaepernick. It’s about the mirror he’s holding up to America.

Chicago Sun-Times: The travesty of Donald Trump’s attack on sanctuary cities such as Chicago is that it is premised on a lie. The Trump administration would have you believe that America’s cities have been overrun by murderous illegal immigrants, and that this explains the problem of crime in Chicago and elsewhere. It is not true.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Erik Prince founded a defunct company, Blackwater, whose very name evokes images of private warriors running amok in Iraq. Prince is the last person who should be advocating for private security forces to take over the U.S. military mission in Afghanistan. But apparently the ideas of Prince have caught the attention of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner.

Syndicates take

Dana Milbank: Donald Trump finally starts winning – by copying Barack Obama’s foreign policy playbook.

Ruben Navarrette Jr.: Affirmative action in college admissions has overstayed its welcome.

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Jeff Flake’s book, “Conservative Conscience,” is being called courageous. It might be.

Trudy Rubin: Rex Tillerson conducts diplomacy as if he were still the god-head of Exxon Mobil.


“Proposition 57 is releasing violent felons. Three strikers should not be added to this early release parade.” Eric Siddall, Association of Deputy District Attorneys, Los Angeles

Tweeting North Korea

“I want to know if Kelly, Mattis, Tillerson, or McMaster knew what was going to come out of Trump's mouth about North Korea” Dan Pfeiffer @danpfeiffer

“Reminds me of Nixon's threat to bomb North Vietnam back to the Stone Age. That sure convinced General Giap to stop his invasion.” Dave Jones‏ @CA_DaveJones

“There are many ways to communicate a threat to North Korea. Booming rash threats from the golf links = if not the very worst, then close” David Frum‏ @davidfrum

“Reckless for @POTUS to make provocative statements about North Korea & back US into a corner. We need de-escalation, not a miscalculation.” Ted Lieu @tedlieu

“Granted, I'm a recovering speechwriter, but think Trump needs a well-reasoned speech to lay out North Korea policy.” Bill Whalen‏ @hooverwhalen

“No idea what the right military strategy is in North Korea, but I worry that Trump might think it's good politics to provoke a conflict.” Nate Silver@NateSilver538

“North Korea has produced a miniature nuclear bomb and he is tweeting about this” Marcos Breton@MarcosBreton: Donald J. Trump: “E-mails show that the AmazonWashingtonPost and the FailingNewYorkTimes were reluctant to cover the Clinton/Lynch secret meeting in plane.”