An assault in broad daylight + Childhood vaccinations + Opioid prescriptions

OxyContin pills.
OxyContin pills. AP

Hitting home

Downtown Sacramento’s most pressing problem struck me recently, literally. In broad daylight, while walking to work, I was pursued and then assaulted for no reason by a man who seemed both transient and mentally ill. Fortunately, I was not injured and was impressed by how quickly 911 and the police responded, although the man who hit me escaped. There’s no question the amount of homelessness downtown is worsened by a shortage of affordable housing. But my assailant’s main challenge is that he is wandering without appropriate support and treatment, and that puts him and those of us in his vicinity at risk.

Jeffrey Callison, Lincoln

Vaccination rates

Re “Sutter County bucks trend of higher vaccination rates” (sacbee.com, Sept. 5): Thank you for attention to a serious concern. High immunization rates are a very important protection for children, and the whole community. Sutter County studied the California Department of Public Health’s 2016-2017 Kindergarten Immunization Assessment and 2016-2017 7th Grade Immunization Assessment reports. Public-school and private-school classrooms in Sutter County with school enrollment of more than 20 students, with one exception, are well protected with rates greater than 95 percent. The increase in children who are under-immunized is primarily among independent study and home-schooled children. What is unclear is what proportion of those children live outside Sutter County, but are enrolled in programs in Sutter County. Sutter County Public Health is searching for any potential barriers to immunization for these and all children in Sutter County.

Lou Anne Cummings, MD, Yuba City


Re “More opioid prescriptions than people in some California counties” (sacbee.com, Sept. 8) I am completely baffled that the article made no reference to the role of physicians in prescribing the drugs that are killing people. The article included no information about what the California Medical Association or health insurance companies were doing to curb what has clearly become irresponsible and dangerous physician practices. Readers need the next article to cover how the state is working to identify these physicians and the efforts to change their prescribing habits.

Marge Ginsburg, Sacramento


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