Letter: Boycott the NFL, but it will be hard

Please, boycott the NFL and its sponsors. I never thought those words would ever be uttered or written by yours truly. We grew up on football. No matter who was playing, we watched. We were born and bred doing this. It was uniquely American and family-oriented, part of our national fabric until now. Growing up, I remember gathering together with relatives, sitting in our den, shoulder to shoulder, with uncles and cousins watching NFL games. All my uncles served during WWII. My cousins were in the Army doing tours in Vietnam. Our family felt unified when we were watching an NFL game. It was understood in that den, that freedom is not free. We felt patriotic. The NFL has changed that feeling. Who are these guys who now play? Many have been insulated, coddled and spoiled by university boosters, coaches, administrators, academia and campus police. These players have surrounded themselves with doting agents, owners, fans and entourages. These players are considered protected property of NFL owners. Owners and players are now creating unnecessary divisiveness. I believe in solidarity and brotherhood, but to disrespect our flag and National Anthem is unpatriotic. Don't force your agenda on me. From now on, NFL owners have to make a decision: Do you side with: your employees or with patriotic Americans, their customers.

Thomas A. Garner, West Hills