Letters: We can’t talk about gun violence without talking about gender

Re “Las Vegas shooting must, finally, stir Congress to act. But will it?” (Editorials, Oct. 3): Men compose more than 95 percent of mass shooters in America and are the perpetrators of the overwhelming majority of the country’s total violent crime. So when we debate factors that could have influenced Stephen Paddock, why do we never talk about his gender? To do so would require us to look past biological differences and consider, as countless feminists have, the worthwhile question of what our culture is teaching men and boys about violence and masculinity. Consider this: if Omar Mateen’s attack in Orlando warranted a week-long televised discussion about the role of his religion and family immigration history, then it’s absurd not to spend even a couple minutes talking about something he has in common with nearly every other mass shooter in U.S. history.

Thomas Purdy, Roseville