Letters: We’re all climate change victims

Re “On fire from Disneyland to Wine Country, California must rethink disaster risk” (Editorials, Oct. 10): We have been overwhelmed by heartbreaking images from Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and now Northern California. The consequences that climate science has been predicting for years are now stitched into our daily existence. It seems particularly bizarre and even cruel that Environmental Protection Agency director Scott Pruitt would choose this moment to proudly announce plans to repeal President Barack Obama’s effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Clean Power Plan. Pruitt’s announcement is consistent with President Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. These decisions are powerful setbacks at just the moment that an aggressive leadership role from America is required to fight climate change. The spectacles we have been witnessing are only a foreshadowing of what we will face in the future. Let’s grieve for today’s victims, and for ourselves, the inevitable televised victims of the future.

Harold Ferber, Elk Grove