Letters: Marijuana legalization: It won’t be good

Re “Think California is ready for legal marijuana? Think again” (Editorials, Dec. 31): Here are a couple of predictions: The state will excitedly report that taxes from marijuana sales during the first quarter of the year will exceed expectations. But they will conveniently ignore the dramatic uptick in marijuana-related crime such as robberies and burglaries, and driving under the influence as the year progresses. The smell of marijuana will constantly be in the air in Old Sacramento, near the Golden 1 Center, by City Hall, and in just about every park and shopping mall lot in town, but the cops won't do anything about it. You'll pull up to a stop light and see and smell the guys in the next car smoking weed. Unregulated marijuana grows on farms in the foothills, state parks and forests and warehouses in the commercial district in your town will be in the news regularly. Marijuana possession and consumption on school campuses across the state will increase significantly. Terms like “highly regulated” and and “fine for consuming in public” will fade from view. A report will surface five years from now describing the emotional and physical issues people, especially young adults, endure due to easy access to marijuana in California. The proponents of the new marijuana law sold the voters on the idea that people would be smoking marijuana in their homes and that it would be regulated and that the state would benefit. Those are all great ideas, they really are–if they were true. Unfortunately, we all know that's not what's going to happen.

Chris Piombo, Lodi