Letters: Private landowners can help sustain Sierra forests

Re “California’s great Sierra forests are dying. We all have a stake in saving them” (Editorials, Feb. 13): We support the call for increased forest management to restore forests for the benefits they provide. Without immediate intervention, our forests and their surrounding communities will continue to be at risk because of unhealthy and overcrowded forests. And the clean air and water; wildlife habitat; wood products; clean energy, and more will cease to exist. That is not an option for California’s most treasured resource. While we begin the restoration process, we must recognize that our industrial forestland owners, who represent more than 4 million acres, have been sustainably managing their forests for generations. They have the knowledge, research and best practices to manage for multiple uses. A comprehensive plan that takes into account local and state objectives can be achieved. We must look to them for examples of how it can benefit our environment and economy, and we must work together on a solution that benefits us all.

Rich Gordon, president, California Forestry Association,Sacramento