Sacramento’s homeless + guns + Jared Kushner

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Our take


Erika D. Smith: Mayor Darrell Steinberg came to Tuesday’s City Council meeting ready to do battle with the NIMBYs of North Sacramento. But faced with a plan to let a controversial homeless shelter to stay open a few more months instead of closing at the end of March, residents didn’t complain. Maybe it’s finally sinking in that while California’s cities can’t do everything that’s needed to end homelessness, they must do something. Read more.

Bill Whalen: There’s a difference between weapons of war and personal protections. California Republicans need to figure it out. To win elections, California Republicans must take a more sensible stance on guns after the Florida school shooting. Read more.

Dan Walters, CALMatters: If one looked beyond the heated rhetoric from the podium, most of it directed at President Trump, last weekend's Democratic state convention revealed a party with many internal fault lines. The most obvious was the power struggle between the party's establishment and its left wing, dubbed Berniecrats. Read more.

California Forum

Karin Klein: California’s school dashboard is just confusing. Here’s a better way to grade schools. Read more.

Laurel Cline: What everyone with a loved one in a nursing home should know – and demand. Read more.

Takes on Jared Kushner

Jack Ohman watches the strings on Jared Kushner. Get your security clearance check here.

Dana Milbank, Washington Post: Because he has been hiring too few people related by blood, marriage or friendship, he has wound up with unreliable “professionals.” A family-based system may not work for immigration, but it works perfectly for staffing a presidency. Read more.

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post: If President Trump is not inclined to go out on a limb to protect Jared Kushner’s security clearance, would he risk a firestorm by, for example, pardoning Kushner if he is ever indicted? It seems more likely that Trump, if push comes to shove, will protect himself. Read more.

Los Angeles Times editorial board: Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and advisor-with-too-many-portfolios, has lost his interim “top secret” security clearance. Is that a reason for him to give up his duties at the White House? Of course it is. Read more.

Their take

Orange County Register: The Orange County District Attorney’s office may have been illegally deleting critical comments from the public on his official social media platforms and even blocking some users, according to the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. Read more.

San Diego Union-Tribune: One of the most frustrating moments of Jerry Brown’s second go-round as governor came in October 2016 when the state Department of Motor Vehicles released autonomous vehicle testing guidelines that seemed bent on stifling technology. Thankfully, someone in the state figured out this was nuts. On Monday, state lawyers signed off on DMV rules that beginning April 2 will allow companies to test models that don’t have a person in the driver’s seat. Read more.

San Jose Mercury News: It’s been more than four months since the Alameda City Council commissioned an independent investigation of whether two of its members improperly meddled during last year’s fire chief hiring. It’s time to tell residents of the island city the full story about whether their elected leaders pressured the city manager to hire the firefighter union’s preferred candidate over one far more qualified. Read more.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: There’s no disputing that Sonoma County has made great progress over the past 12 years or so in widening Highway 101 to six lanes from Petaluma to Windsor and expanding public transit opportunities, particularly with the start of SMART commuter rail service six months ago. But there’s one major piece of the transportation puzzle that still needs to be put in place: Widening the last three miles of Highway 101 from Petaluma through the Novato Narrows to Marin County. Read more.

Syndicates’ take

Gail Collins, New York Times: The winner of our latest competition for Worst Member of the Trump Administration is Scott Pruitt of the Environmental Protection Agency. It was a landslide. Read more.

E.J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post: Many conservatives can’t stand it that organized labor usually backs Democrats and they especially detest public employee unions which, by their very nature, advocate for government. Read more.

Ross Douthat, New York Times: Corporate activism on social issues isn’t in tension with corporate self-interest on tax policy and corporate stinginess in paychecks. Read more.

Karen Tumulty, Washington Post: Dick’s Sporting Goods has put much more on the line than other firms have done in ending the discounts they offer to members of the National Rifle Association. But then again, there has always been something jarring about stores where yoga mats and little-league gear are sold just a few aisles away from instruments of mass murder. Read more.

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