Another View: Police won't give up on Amariana case

Many questions have been raised by the series of articles surrounding the horrific murder of 4½-year-old Amariana Crenshaw ("Who killed Amariana?"; Page A1, Jan. 24-26). This tragic event has devastated her family, the community and the Sacramento Police Department. On behalf of the agency charged with the investigation, I can assure you that we have, and will continue to investigate this case. We will not give up until those responsible are brought to justice.

Amariana's murder is an open investigation and will remain so until someone is convicted. Even though transparency is vital to the relationship between the Police Department and the community, in any open investigation it is not prudent to release information that may jeopardize our ability to apprehend those responsible.

In all investigations, especially high-profile cases, significant time is spent by the investigators strategizing what information, if any, should be released to the public. Holding back certain details, including the investigative steps that have been taken, is often critical for a successful investigation and later prosecution. This tried and true investigative strategy unfortunately has left some readers wondering about the thoroughness of our investigation.

The Police Department will continue to follow up on every available lead in Amariana's case. Although the articles in The Bee may have left questions in readers' minds about the investigation, there is much more to this investigation than what was written about in the articles. It is my hope that the articles will generate conversation in the public resulting in someone coming forward with information that will allow Amariana's family, the community and the Police Department to have closure.