Jack Ohman

East Lawn Cemetery: An afterlife thought...

I was re-reading my blog post about the clock at East Lawn Cemetery (American Cemetery of Excellence, American Cemetery of the Year), and I noticed that I had missed something.

In my post, I jocularly asserted, card that I am, that there was no need for a clock at a cemetery.

For obvious reasons.

I posted my photograph of the East Lawn clock, which was taken at dusk last week. Let's call it about six thirty, give or take. 

The clock at East Lawn read 1:15.


You didn't hear any complaints at the cemetery. Not one. Dead silence.

Plus, if you're an American Cemetery of Excellence, shouldn't the clock be right?

I mean, more than twice a day?

In comedy, timing is everything.

In cemeteries, timing is really up to you.