Jack Ohman

Sutter sighting: Can a dog drive without opposable thumbs?

Sutter Brown, the acting Lt. Governor and First Canine of the State of California, is a Corgi on the move.

Not content with saving the state due to his dogged campaigning on behalf of Proposition 30, nor being Gavin Newsom's worst primary nightmare, Sutter is now apparently driving his own wheels.

Corgi Force One was spotted parked near the Capitol, legally.

While his master frugally travels around the state on Southwest (does he even buy Business Select and get into the A seating group?), Sutter is tooling around Sacramento in a rather banged up Honda Accord.

Sutter wasn't specifically seen driving. Perhaps he has a state CHP trooper escorting him around, handling the driving duties while Sutter reads briefing books and makes some calls to L.A. and SFO power hitters, asking for donations to The Committee For California's Canine Future PAC.

Californians deserve answers to questions about Sutter's driving status. Does he have a valid license? Does a California driver's license require that breed be specified? Why or why not? If Sutter isn't driving, just who precisely is driving him and who is paying? 

Note that the plate says "Sutter I." Is this a kind of papal name? Does Sutter hold a position in the Corgi Curia?

Find out this Sunday.