Jack Ohman

Attorney General Harris, President Obama on line one...

As the Kamala Harris crisis drags on into the second week, it was reported that President Obama called the best-looking attorney general to apologize. I can imagine how that went:

"Hey, General, it's Barack."

"Yeah. What."

"I know this was kind of awkward for you and everything, but I just wanted to apologize for what I said about you being the best-looking attorney general. I don't think that."

"You're digging yourself in even deeper. What are you saying? I'm NOT the best-looking attorney general?"

"Uh...look. I gotta go."

"Yeah. Do."

He might as well discussed how she actually looked in her jeans, to finish himself off. Maybe throw in a remark about that weird thing she does with her mouth when she eats, or perhaps ask her why her laugh is like that.

No right answers. In fact, more relationships end with bad questions than bad answers.

Frankly, I am not really surprised by this maladroitness on the president's part. By most measurements, the Obama inner circle isn't really very heavily represented by women; I sometimes wonder if a lot of the major decisions regarding the country are made while watching SportsCenter.

"Mr. President, this thing in North Korea is looking bad. This kid is nuts. The North Korean generals are..."


"...pressing us geopolitically. And..."


"More like a mobile missile launch, sir."

In contrast to former President Clinton, who, shall we say, had an appreciation for women in his administration, Obama is more like a junior high student around them. 

I suppose this is a good thing, in comparison to how the whole Clinton deal ultimately went down. Now that Secretary Clinton has moved on to her new job as the presumptive 45th president of the United States, this absence of any major women as advisers will soon be rectified on January 20, 2017, assuming current polling is correct.

I can hardly wait until her first visit to a fundraiser in California.

"Hey, I want to give a shout-out to the new AG! Hey, guy! Nice tie...you've been working out, right? You have NICE guns! You are by far the best-looking Attorney General."

I can hardly wait for that apology phone call. She's had practice taking them.

After all, she's been apologized to by the best.