Jack Ohman

Pending California gun legislation...

Various pro and con gun bills before the legislature:

SB 456--Requires dogs to take firearm safety course.

AB 234--Restricts use of automatic weapons to "lawn aeration."

AB 167--Permits magazines up to 600 rounds for squirrel hunting.

SB 231--Makes thinking about guns, or using words contains the letters  "G", "U", or "N" a felony.

SB 112--Authorizes gun shows in church basements.

SB 189--Confiscates all SuperSoakers as part of squirt gun buyback program.

AB 333--Mandates that each resident of California purchase six (6) AR-15s as part of economic stimulus package.

AB 322--Replaces language in Second Amendment to excise "right to keep and bear arms" to "right to keep and bear Nerf footballs."

SB 420--Requires that marijuana be smoked before using a weapon to ensure lack of accuracy, motivation.

AB 210--Creates a state commission to study guns until 2078.

SB 200--Requires all Californians renting "western and/or cowboy movies" to submit to background check.

SB 45--Changes name of "Wayne La Pierre" to "Wayne Bad P.R."

AB 111--Creates $35 billion dollar tunnel to ship guns into Pacific Ocean.

SB 267--Eliminates CalPERS, replaces with CalIBERS, which provides guns to state retirees instead of money.

AB 209--Destroys all known copies of gun-based films featuring former California governors.