Jack Ohman

In cartooning, Kings basketball, and politics, there are no final victories...

Usually in a 35-year career, it is not common to do something you hadn't done before in some form or another, but today I did something I had never done before.

I did a follow-up cartoon using virtually the same template I had done previously to show the completion of something. In this case, it was Mayor Kevin Johnson hitting the free throw I had him lining up for in April. I can't really say why I chose to do this, other than I decided to cut a politician a little slack, something I historically haven't done.

The man deserves it.

In reconfiguring the drawing, I took the original art, made a full size copy of it, drew new arms and hands, pasted them on, scanned it, and then ran it through Adobe Photoshop and recolored it. I changed some facial expressions and added different colors. It took about a half hour or so. It was completed several weeks ago when it looked like the Kings were going to stay.

Having worked in politics myself before I was a cartoonist, I also get that politics is a tough business. Lawrence F. O'Brien, the former NBA Commissioner and aide to President Kennedy, once wrote a book entitled "No Final Victories," which was his memoir about his public life. Indeed, political efforts tend to add up to a draw at best, but in Johnson's case, he hit one from downtown for three, and that's pretty impressive.

OK, it was free throw, and it was from downtown for one. Or from the line.

Or something.

But it was a good day for KJ and Sacramento, which is a place I am proud of and happy to call my new home. Congrats to us and the fans.

So KJ will get a day off.

Just one day, though.

I am sure I'll regain my equilibrium by next week. 

There are no final victories in cartooning, either. 

Now if we could just get the Kings to score a few more final victories, we can go back to reality.