Jack Ohman

Who's a good boy, Sutter or a cartoonist?

I was offered the opportunity to meet with someone I felt I knew rather well on Friday, even as I had never met him: Sutter, Gov. Jerry Brown's corgi.

As my regular readers know, Sutter has made semi-regular appearances in my cartoon since I arrived in Sacramento, and he has saved my punchlines more than a few times just by being there and being cute. And he is indeed cute, and I am not a dog person, particularly. But Sutter is my kind of dog.

When we first met, the first thing he did was turn away immediately and head in the opposite direction. I don't blame him a bit.

The next thing he did was spend the next 15 minutes energetically chasing ducks, sniffing bushes, stopping to relieve himself once on a tree, of course, and generally doing what any normal dog would do. I tried to give him a tummy scratch, but he didn't seem terribly interested. I felt that this was a necessary if somewhat cozy gesture between the government and the media, but I suppose my inner canine was telling me that it was OK, just this one time. 

My impressions of Sutter were:

1. He's not as tall as I thought he would be.

2. He smelled very much like other dogs I have met.

3. He was cheerful, considering it was 98 degrees.

4. He was not wearing a blue suit.

5. He had a Giants tag around his neck instead of a red tie.

Having met many of my subjects over the years, usually at their behest, there was one particularly refreshing aspect to Sutter: he was completely indifferent to me, and made it obvious what he thought of me.

I could tell by the wetness on my leg.