Jack Ohman

At the California state capitol, it's all a big tent...

One of the things I have not done and you will not see me do is indulge in the "Moonbeam" metaphor about Gov. Jerry Brown. It's been done, I don't necessarily agree with it anyway, and it seems a bit simplistic. 

I will, of course, indulge in the Sutter, Latin, and Jesuit metaphor. Hey, I have to make a living.

Along the Moonbeam metaphor lines, however, comes the news that Brown has installed a yoga area and ping pong table where former Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar's cigar tent had stood just outside the statehouse. My reaction to this was, well, this is just going to bring the anti-Moonbeamers out, again, and I will have to reject that metaphor, again.

While I do not personally practice yoga, I do practice ping pong, and own a pretty nice table that I keep outside as well. Ping pong is kind of the yoga of sports; it requires you to concentrate fully on your own inner space while moving in unusual directions. It can be deadly competitive, like politics, but it offers many opportunities to congratulate your opponent on a shot well-played, or a nice rally before you have to politely decapitate them. 

While Gov. Schwarzeneggar combined many of the old (former movie actor) and new (wasn't really terribly qualified) school politics, I did kind of admire, in a carcinogenic way, his establishment of a cigar tent. It fully illustrated a return to Old Time Sacramento Political Normalcy (smoke-filled room), and yet was kind of gutless since it was ventilated.

A truly bold move would have been a cigarette tent, but maybe when Mad Men goes off the air, Jon Hamm will come out and run for governor of California next, and we can have one of those. 

The Yoga Yurt (c) (it's official--I capitalized it, and try to alliterate "Y"s) is a step in the right direction for health, and ping pong is certainly a pursuit all Californians can agree isn't elitist. Even Republicans have one in their rec rooms. Or, one of their rec rooms. I congratulate Brown on this good use of the cigar tent space.

There will come a time, however, that Brown will not be in office (maximum human lifespan, 115 years), and Brown (75 years old), should have 40 more years to serve (2053). So that means eventually there will be a new governor and a new use for the Yoga Yurt (c) space. 

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom will only be 85 then, and I am sure that all Californians will enjoy a structure that simulates a Big Sur wedding where the Yoga Yurt (c) once stood.

Then we can tear it down, fine him, and make some money on the deal.