Jack Ohman

Sutter Brown: It’s a dog’s disintermediated life...

Kathleen Brown, the former California state treasurer and Governor Brown’s sister (for those of you who live in Vermont), is returning to Los Angeles to join a law firm.

She had moved to New York in 2010; she was unable to take her dog, Sutter, along with her. So she had her then-gubernatorial candidate brother dog-sit for her.

“Look. I know you’re busy and all with the race, but can you watch Sutter?”

“Um. I’m hitting six media markets a day here. Can you get someone else? I’m within margin of error and Whitman is spending $140 million.”

“He’s worth four points, easy, and he’ll help you pass Prop 30.”

“Who’s a good boy?”

I am not sure what Sutter’s reaction was to being left behind, but he sure as hell wasn’t First Dog of the State of California when he was living with Kathleen Brown, so I am sure he was fine with the change. After all, Sutter gets to ride in Dog Force One, and has a security detail that would make the Prime Minister of Israel blush.

OK, he doesn’t have a security detail. He doesn’t even have a tail.

But he does live a pretty plush life, for a dog. In any event, Kathleen Brown was asked if Sutter would reunite with her in L.A., and, being a lawyer, she responded thusly:

“I wouldn’t presume to disintermediate his celebrity status and special relationship with the first lady and the governor.”

“Disintermediate” is an economic term meaning to remove the middleman from a supply chain. I looked it up. Walmart, Apple, and Dell all do this: they bypass small stores and sell it directly to the consumer. Since they have a strong brand, they can do this.

You know, like the Brown family.

Having met Sutter several times now, I can tell you that he indeed a charmer (and smelled much better the last time I saw, since he hadn’t been rolling in McKinley Park duck and goose waste). I also suspect that he has become accustomed to meeting, shall we say, brown nosers.

Anyway, I am glad Sutter is staying with the governor. I am certain that Kathleen Brown will also get all the visitation with Sutter she wants, and that Sutter still will be happy to visit with his former owner.

Just as soon as she goes through a metal detector.