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Letters: They’re angry out there

Cops should release records

Re “Protesters call for urgent reforms” (Page 1A, Sept. 22): The Sacramento Police Department is delaying release of its policy for dealing with the mentally ill, saying it must redact it. How is it possible that the policies of a government agency must be redacted before sharing with the public?

Policies do not contain personnel information, proprietary information, or names of victims, or state secrets, so I cannot fathom what about a policy should be secret. Maybe that is the crux of the Police Department problems. If the public is made aware of the policy, perhaps the deficiencies would be noticed long before it is a crisis.

Donita Jones, Sacramento

Police need mental health experts

The Sacramento City Police Department spends large amounts of money to train, support and supply individual officers and tactical teams to deal with terrorists, hostage situations, homeland security, explosive ordnance disposal, accidents, shootings, bank robberies, civil unrest and a host of other emergencies.

Yet there is only one grant-funded mental health clinician to deal with mental health emergencies. Mentally ill individuals are increasingly being gunned down by police officers who supposedly fear for their lives and the safety of the community.

There is no excuse for officers not to be trained on crisis intervention or to have a dedicated tactical team available. After all, the mentally ill are part of the community whose safety those officers are responsible for.

Mark Shannon, Sacramento

Charlotte protests seem misdirected

Re “Charlotte protesters say they’re sick of letting things slide” (Page 3B, Sept. 23): I am confused how throwing rocks at police officers and shutting down streets and businesses, will do anything to help the black community.

We live in a country that has a black president, a black attorney general, a black head of national security, and yet we are accused of being a racist country. The complaint seems to be that cops are targeting black men. However, statistics show that most black people are killed by other black people. Where is the anger about that?

Karen Cochran, Roseville

Football players have it good here

Re “Kaepernick kneel-down looks to be game changer” (Matt Barrows, Sept. 23): I know of no country in this world that would be a better place to be.

Is this country perfect? No, but any country controlled by man will not be perfect, for there are no perfect men. The players should be thanking God they live here and not elsewhere, and work to make this country better.

Dale Creasey, Fair Oaks

Pie perpetrator misses the point

Re “Alleged pie thrower says mayor has to do better to represent the people” (Page 1A, Sept. 23): Pie thrower Sean Thompson is upset that Mayor Kevin Johnson has spent too much time on the arena and not enough time solving the problems of poor people.

What Thompson doesn’t understand is that in time, the arena and the businesses around it will provide additional tax dollars so the city can better address the problems of poor people.

Clinton Harp, Elk Grove

Mayor Johnson is not the victim

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson gets a cream pie in the face, and Sean Thompson gets hit several times in the face. Thompson is in jail on a felony charge of assault and has a bruised face. Mayor Johnson is walking around acting like a victim.

The media report Thompson’s criminal record which consists of peaceful protests to make a point, a point Johnson was ignoring, being too busy wasting taxpayers money on an arena for an embarrassing team.

Rodger Pogue, Sacramento

Region’s freeways are perilous

Re “Here’s where, when drunken drivers crash in county” (Insight, Sept. 23): Many of the freeway intersections in the Sacramento area are disasters waiting to happen. It’s almost as though they were designed by Vegas Games Designers, challenging drivers to see who can beat the odds of the game. Make it through the maze and win another day to live.

If you examine the map, you can see that it’s not safe to live or drive in Sacramento. I’ve only been here six months and I take my life in my hands whenever I leave home. It’s not just DUI drivers; it’s everyone.

I can hardly wait to return to my hometown where it’s boring.

Leonard R. Cook, West Sacramento


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