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Letters: No, we shouldn’t tip more

Tipping is complicated

Re “What everyone should know about tipping” (Page 4, Sept. 25): The article says we should be tipping more, as if tips come from some previously untapped store of wealth.

Tips come from the same place as payment for food: a person’s entertainment budget. Increasing tips reduces the number of times people go to restaurants. So is it better to have restaurants half-full with half the number of wait staff, or full with twice the number of wait staff? Obviously, this question doesn’t have a black or white answer, but neither does the question of how much to tip.

David O. McReynolds, Fair Oaks

Parking meters are a mess

I have put quarters into Sacramento parking meters and the meter displayed “expired.” The only way to report this is to call 311, and wait times can be long.

Reporting the malfunction does not guarantee that you won’t get a ticket. Given the extended hours and higher rates, Sacramento should do a better job of making sure the meters work, and provide a more efficient way of reporting malfunctions.

Ron O’Connor, Sacramento

Don’t be fooled again

Re “Bite the bullet for Measure B sales tax” (Endorsements, Sept. 28): I urge you to vote no on the Sacramento County Measure B, the additional half-cent sales tax.

Money from the existing Measure A sales tax is being diverted to salary increases and to bolster employee pensions. There isn’t any ban in Measure B, either. Also, taxpayer money is being spent by Sacramento County, Regional Transit and Sacramento Transportation Agency to promote the new tax, and city and RT employees have been caught taking down the “No on Measure B” signs that have been placed on private property.

Do you remember that Measure A was advertised as “Fix It First”? I don’t know about you, but I sure haven’t seen much street fixing in my neighborhood.

Pam Pinkston, Fair Oaks

Benicia aids Sacramento

Re “Benicia blocks Valero’s plan to run oil trains through Sacramento” (Page 3A, Sept. 22): In Sacramento, we have schools and businesses plus thousands of homes which would be in danger if these highly explosive rail cars were allowed to head to Benicia. But the Benicia City Council showed the strength of conviction to stand up to large corporations. I love Benicia. And your city’s willingness to take on a dragon makes us love you even more.

Janice Fera, Granite Bay


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