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Local control, teachers unions, sustaining seafood, allergy death

The configuration of Golden 1 Center’s upper seats has drawn attention with its steep pitch. Sacramento Kings executives said there was no practical place to install cupholders, which usually are on the backs of seats.
The configuration of Golden 1 Center’s upper seats has drawn attention with its steep pitch. Sacramento Kings executives said there was no practical place to install cupholders, which usually are on the backs of seats. rbenton@sacbee.com

Local control just isn’t working

Re “Time to quit backsliding on water conservation” (Editorials, Oct. 7): The Bee’s editorial describes the obvious failure of giving back local control of water usage to local agencies, especially critical during drought conditions and an unsure future of enough rain.

“Subsidiarity,” a term used by our governor to put in place local control of new funds to help underperforming schools, is being abused. The money is now being used to assist teacher’s salaries.

We now have the city of Brisbane as the poster child for the ultimate failure of local control of housing. NIMBY policies at their worst.

Many rail against too much government regulation and overreach. How long will these experimental failures in “trusting local control” go on? How many of these are attempts just to appease groups of voters?

We need to wise up to our own worst instincts.

Richard Kuechle, Lincoln

Who’s thinking critically?

Re “CTA fails critical thinking test on charter schools” (Viewpoints, Oct. 7): Teachers unions would like charter schools to use union teachers. “From that fact we might draw an inference: Teachers unions really don’t care very much about the quality of education their members provide.” Seriously, Ben Boychuk, that’s the best you and your critical thinking can do?

How about this inference: Teachers are tired of being dumped on; teachers are protective of their rights as employees; and teachers believe a strong union is the best way to maintain these rights.

Matt Nelsenador,


Fishermen support sustaining seafood

Re “Don’t gut rules that have restored Pacific fisheries” (Viewpoints, Sept. 30): The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations stands for the belief that we must be stewards of our ocean resources so that they continue to support new generations of family fishermen and seafood consumers.

The goal of National Standard 1, to obtain optimum yield from the nation’s fisheries through science-based, transparent management and conservation measures, ensures the sustainability and productivity of our ocean. We support National Standard 1 and the conservation measures that have helped to rebuild compromised fish stocks on the West Coast, and we oppose efforts that would cut against rebuilding fisheries in a timely, scientific fashion.

Our ocean could be an unlimited source of sustainable, healthy food security into the future – so long as we care for her now.

Tim Sloane, San Francisco

executive director, Institute for Fisheries Resources

Responsibility for child’s death?

Re “Parents, city settle lawsuit over girl’s allergy death” (Page 1A, Oct. 6): One thing is undeniably clear: The death of young Natalie Giorgi was tragic. What’s not so clear is who bears the responsibility. Is that Camp Sacramento, ultimately the city of Sacramento, where she ate the treat that caused her death?

I believe that burden of responsibility lies with the parents. Someone with a potentially fatal condition like Natalie’s should have been consuming only food she or her parents had prepared, or purchased. Not following those precautions is like playing Russian roulette.

Society should not be held responsible when individuals shirk their responsibility.

Leendert Noordzij,


Prop. 64 will boost revenue

While people argue that the marijuana consumption rate will greatly increase if Proposition 64 is legalized, perhaps it will decrease as most teenagers consume this drug because they feel rebellious since it is illegal.

Marijuana is safer than most drugs that are already legal. If alcohol and cigarettes are legal, then marijuana should be, too. Studies prove that alcohol can be more lethal than marijuana.

Non-medical marijuana should be legalized, as it would greatly benefit California. People already consume marijuana, so they should pay taxes for its consumption.

Maria Navarro, Pacoima

Great opening, but seating is scary

My husband and I attended the second Paul McCartney concert at Golden 1 Center. It was a fabulous experience.

We didn’t want to hassle with driving, so we caught the light rail at Roseville Road station. Having never ridden it before, we found it very helpful that RT had people at the station to help us. The trains were clean, on time, and there was a presence of security on every train we rode. RT did an excellent job.

The Golden 1 Center was spectacular. My only concern is the seating in the upper section. It is steep and the rows are narrow. We saw one older guy crawling on his hands and knees to get to his seat – a little scary. Might want to rethink this one. All in all, it was a great opening to a new venue.

Mary Coelho, Carmichael


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