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Letters: Presidential options, candidate signs, NFL ratings, Ohman award

Peace and freedom presidential candidate Gloria La Riva campaigns in Merced in September.
Peace and freedom presidential candidate Gloria La Riva campaigns in Merced in September. The Merced Sun-Star

Vote Peace & Freedom candidate

Re “Whom to write in for president?” (Viewpoints, Oct. 14): I have to wonder if Bill Whalen has read his ballot? He seems to have overlooked the Peace & Freedom Party candidate, Gloria La Riva.

She is a more knowledgeable candidate than Gary Johnson or Donald Trump. And his cavalier dismissal of Jill Stein shows a rather shallow knowledge of her campaign. Perhaps we are seeing a pattern here since he goes on to call the other woman in the race “tiresome and polarizing.”

John C. Reige, Sacramento

Vote Constitution Party candidate

I’m voting for Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle. He’s more Libertarian than Gary Johnson.

Of the two major parties, Donald Trump is by far the best choice for president. He’s not part of the establishment. He supports our constitutional rights, more freedom, fewer regulations, tax cuts, secure borders, better trade deals, judges who aren’t activists and revitalizing our urban centers. Hillary Clinton is the polar opposite.

Mark Peter, Solana Beach

Unfortunate signs of our time

Fourteen signs supporting Donald Trump for president have been stolen from our front yard in Carmichael over the last two months. I have night and day pictures of adults, teenage girls and the handwritten comments of “little ole lady” on 3x5 cards.

It is an interesting experience watching people who may protest too much and not accomplish very much by not respecting the First Amendment. My right as an American is I can freely express myself. They have trespassed on our property, stolen items that have a value, and feel they are endowed with the right to callously censor a person’s opinions.

Can you imagine what this country would be like if we as an open society cannot express our opinions openly and freely?

Russ Brown, Carmichael

H.L. Mencken’s words and Trump

Donald Trump needs to make room on that slender platform of American geniuses for H.L. Mencken, who wrote these prophetic words: “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” – The Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920.

Dowling Campbell,

Sedro Woolley, Wash.

Let the players play football

Re “NFL ratings, last line of defense for traditional TV, take a hit” (Insight, Oct. 15): The article outlines a number of reasons for declining viewers, but no mention was made of two causes which relate to the game itself. One bothersome factor is the increasing number of penalties that influence the outcome of the game. The capper is the attempt by players to become relevant by disrespecting our flag and country. For goodness sake, play football.

Robert Reark, Granite Bay

Congratulations, Jack Ohman

Re “Witnessing well-deserved recognition” (Op Image, Oct. 15): Jack Ohman earned my genuine respect on the day he eulogized the late Rex Babin at the public service held in his honor at the California History Museum. Three things struck me that day as I listened: Ohman’s deep intellect, the love he has for his friend, and the ability to meld the two and parlay the result into a stunning oral tribute for Rex.

Clearly, Ohman’s talents don’t stop there. His work, in all of its striking mediums, forces us to look at that which we would prefer to ignore or laugh so hard our spouses think we’re nuts.

Congratulations to flip-flop-wearin’ Jack Ohman on earning and winning the Pulitzer Prize.

I do believe Rex, from above, has his glass raised high in Ohman’s honor.

As we all should.

Angela F. Luna,



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