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Letters: Trump’s Cabinet, ‘Hamilton’ cast

Actor Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Arron Burr in “Hamilton,” expressed to Vice President-elect Mike Pence his concern about the Trump administration after the curtain call in New York, on Nov. 18.
Actor Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Arron Burr in “Hamilton,” expressed to Vice President-elect Mike Pence his concern about the Trump administration after the curtain call in New York, on Nov. 18. Hamilton LLC via Associated Press

Inflammatory language hurts

Re “America can’t risk a Cabinet of deplorables under Trump” (Editorials, Nov. 19): Very brave, yet perhaps very foolish. Why invoke such an inflammatory phrase to headline such an important statement about what is happening in this country? With this headline, the editorial board may have given a rebuilt platform to those who would bully and gloat about who won the election, and about the people Donald Trump is choosing to run the government.

I agree that we are in peril; these are really scary guys. The image of the U.S. is being distorted by the negation of values we have built over decades. Welcoming. Inclusive. Full of promise and opportunity. Beacon of light and liberty. But as the new president and his team begin to dismantle the structures that have come to represent these values, let’s not give him and his minions more ammunition for their war.

The editorial board should continue to write strong statements about what is happening, but more considered language may serve us better than the snarky headline.

Nona Strong,

Cameron Park

Trump entitled to his own counsel

The Bee’s editorial board wants President-elect Donald Trump to pick advisers and make appointments that will “control his worst instincts.” For 16 months, the editorial board did everything it could to prevent Trump from being elected. Fair enough.

The board didn’t like him or his policies and positions. Nevertheless, it is the height of audacity to presume his choices should now conform to what the board considers acceptable. What the board presumes to describe as “worst instincts” form a good part of the conservative platform voted for by approximately half of America.

Anita Ravenacroft, Elverta

Fascism bears fruit in Cabinet picks

There was a time in Donald Trump’s campaign when supporters said that labeling him a fascist was overblown nonsense. It is now stunningly clear that the label of fascist fits him and his budding administration. He has selected a known racist, Sen. Jeff Sessions, as his candidate for attorney general. He has selected a white supremacist, Steve Bannon, for his strategist. He chose these men because he believes what they believe and hopes to see their fascist values permeate America.

Our ancestors endured the Civil War to make this country more equal; our fathers and grandfathers fought and died during World War II to rid that continent of Aryan fascists; in the 1960s, America suffered through the civil rights movement to reinforce the political rights of Americans of every color and creed.

We are not going to let Trump take this country back to those dark days.

Kathryn Lewis, Sacramento

Give Trump’s Cabinet a chance

I understand that The Bee’s editorial board is dismayed to be so wrong and needs to defend its alt-left philosophy. But, “a Cabinet of deplorables?” Really? Read the résumés, take a breath and give America a chance.

Steve Kolodney,


‘Hamilton’ cast need not apologize

Re “ ‘Hamilton’ cast member gives Pence an earful” (Names & Faces, Nov. 20): Public servants, including vice president-elects, are required to field concerns from constituents. This duty is fundamental to serving the public. For Donald Trump to demand that the “Hamilton” cast apologize to Mike Pence for expressing their concerns would be laughable if it weren’t so terrifying.

Trump should have done his homework on what a public servant actually does before he decided to embark on his carnival of a campaign for the presidency. His latest Twitter fit only further exposes his profound ignorance for the massive job that awaits him.

If you aren’t scared yet, you should be. Our country will soon have a petulant, spoiled racist punk on the loose as president with Twitter characters and nuclear codes at his tiny, vindictive fingertips.

Goddess help us all.

Angela F. Luna,



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