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Legislature should pass ‘real’ open records act; give Trump a chance

Bo Copley and others in West Virginia believes Donald Trump can bring coal mining jobs back to the state.
Bo Copley and others in West Virginia believes Donald Trump can bring coal mining jobs back to the state. The New York Times

Pass a real open records act

Re “California Democrats got their supermajority. Now what?” (Sacbee, Nov. 28): Here is my idea: Pass a real open records act, one that gives the public access to all the communications that lawmakers and the governor have with lobbyists and others seeking legislation.

The current Legislative Open Records Act is a misnomer and an insult to the public – it protects the confidentiality of, say, Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, when he introduces legislation to allow private shuttles at San Francisco public bus stops. It protects the confidentiality of legislators when they meet with lobbyists for Pearson Education, the largest education company in the world, as it seeks legislation to expand its charter school operations.

The Legislative Open Records Act is not serving the public and needs to be repealed or amended.

Susan E. Vaughan,

San Francisco

Not the only Dems in Roseville

Re “Anti-Trump protest draws a small crowd” (Local, Nov. 28): I read with interest the story about the small turnout at an anti-Trump protest in Roseville on Sunday.

True, Roseville, as well as Placer County, is a Republican enclave. There are, however, plenty of Democrats in Roseville. We have a dozen active Democratic clubs, and we’re on Facebook.

When I moved to Roseville 26 years ago I heard horror stories of Democrats’ political yard signs being stolen or destroyed, and cars with candidate bumper stickers being keyed.

It gave me pause until 2008 when I said, “Enough. No more intimidation” and went all out in display. Other Democrats came up to me and said in hushed tones, “I thought I was the only one here,” and voiced fears similar to mine.

We are here. We’re growing, and we’re going to turn Placer County blue.

Donna Pieper, Roseville

We should give Trump a chance

Re “California, Trump set to square off over these six key issues” (Insight, Nov. 21): While reading this article, I had conflicting feelings. Politics has always seemed like a popularity contest in the past, and this election was no different – the candidates said what the public wanted to hear to win the vote.

In this case, Donald Trump won and it sent our country into an immediate tailspin of hate crimes. The article touches on several key concerns for the state of California, and while they seem valid because of the election campaign, a part of me can’t help but wonder if we are jumping to conclusions too soon?

I see the international empire that Trump has built and I wonder if maybe he is more tolerant than he let on during the campaign. Maybe we should take advice from the old saying, “never judge a book by its cover?”

Elizabeth Hannan,


Coal country took the Trump bait

Re “Coal country keeps faith in Trump promises” (Insight, Nov. 29): Coal miners like Bo Copley have no doubt suffered from lost coal jobs, but he also knows those jobs aren’t coming back. The utilities and power companies have turned to natural gas as a cheaper and cleaner fuel. And yet Copley and other miners blindly bought into Donald Trump’s hollow rhetoric to “bring your jobs back” while make America great again.

Copley and coal country were captivated by Trump’s one true gift, that of the smooth-talking and silver-tongued used-car salesman. But President-elect Trump, just like the used-car salesman, could care less about Copley after he drives off the lot.

Stephen Farr, Folsom

Expressing concern for women

The other night I talked with my daughter about her strong worries with our president-elect. She worries that he and half of the voting Americans threaten her as a woman, thereby demeaning her as a person. As usual she was fervent and cogent.

Certainly there is no doubt that Donald Trump, by his own words and actions, lacks respect for women. “Locker room talk” is a failed attempt to dismiss it; real men do not act this way. It has been obvious that Trump’s character is very much at question.

Obviously Trump made sense to millions of Americans. However, I would suggest that any of you men that respect women, pay very close attention to this administration. I truly wish him much success; he is my president.

My promise to my daughter and to those women I hold dear is to join you in your vigil and expressions of concern.

Douglas Quetin, Acampo

Celebs should keep their promise

I haven’t heard of any of the celebrities moving out of the country who threatened to leave the U.S. if Donald Trump was elected president. Are they going to keep their word or what?

Monte Armstrong, Folsom


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