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Letters: Tunnels will wreck the Delta


Tunnels will wreck the Delta

Re “Jerry Brown plunges ahead on twin tunnels” (Dan Morain, Dec. 22): Gov. Jerry Brown claims the tunnels could help native fish rebound from the edge of extinction. But the project poses a huge threat to the ecosystems of the Sacramento, San Joaquin, Klamath and Trinity rivers.

The California WaterFix is based on the untenable premise that taking more water out of the Sacramento River before it reaches the estuary would somehow restore the San Francisco Bay/Delta.

The project will further imperil fish, and Delta residents would be left with degraded water that will not meet Clean Water Act standards. It’s time to terminate the Delta pipelines proposal.

Dan Bacher, Sacramento

Delta’s decline began long ago

The beginning of the end for the Delta and the species that depend on its health for survival started in 1933 with the creation of the Central Valley Project. Government, in its infinite wisdom, decided we should dam rivers in Northern California, and send water south, regardless of consequence to the environment.

It was a wonderful idea for developers and agribusiness, but a disaster for salmon and steelhead populations. Now, rather than correcting the wrongs of the past, Jerry Brown’s administration is plowing forward on the twin tunnels project.

Powell Svendsen, Rancho Murieta

Hold civil servants accountable

Re “Bid-rigging alleged in software contracts” (Page 1A, Dec. 24): What is the responsibility and accountability of state employees who are responsible for negotiating contracts for the state? Are they connected, lazy or in over their heads, or part of the scheme? All too often we learn of overpriced projects and excessive contracts in which no procurement officers are reprimanded or fired. Certainly, part of the problem is the too-cozy relationship between state employees and special interests. Is there no one in government capable of changing the culture?

Mark Roberts, Loomis

Trump’s dangerous nuke tweet

Re “Trump’s remarks on nukes rattle experts” (Page 1A, Dec. 24): President-elect Donald Trump’s tweet about increasing our country’s nuclear capability may trigger a nuclear weapons race. Barack Obama’s administration has proposed $1 trillion in nuclear spending during the next 30 years.

Trump’s rhetoric and Obama’s budget plans are dangerous. Combined, they bring us closer to nuclear annihilation. It’s time that we choose between life and death and reject the fallacy that nuclear weapons make us safer.

Harry Wang, Sacramento


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