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Letters: Donald Trump’s election was a rejection of Barack Obama’s tenure

Obama damaged Democrats

Re “Obama says he could beat Trump and implies criticism of Clinton” (Page 1A, Dec. 27): I am not surprised President Barack Obama would say he could have beaten Donald Trump if he would have been able to run again and that Hillary Clinton’s defeat was not a rejection of the eight years of his presidency.

Webster’s dictionary defines a narcissist as self-love and excessive interest in one’s importance and abilities. Maybe Obama is why during his presidency, Democrats lost more than 1,000 state and federal Democratic offices, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and this year’s presidential contest. Trump’s election was a rejection of the liberal Democratic policies of the last eight years.

John Schleimer, Roseville

It was a miserable campaign

Re “Did Obama make it all about him?” (Viewpoints, Dec. 27): Columnist Jennifer Rubin reimagines the presidential election like a chess match with clashes of strategies, and Democrats making bad moves. The actual 2016 contest was a mud-wrestling spectacle in a cesspool, cheered by a mob, the results subject to quarantine and disinfection, not reason-based analysis.

As for a competent woman’s “negatives,” a man can boast of seizing the private parts of whomever he chooses without recrimination, then occupy a church pew in the glow of other parishioners, any shameful smudge wiped clean. Again and again. It’s that simple.

Spencer P. Le Gate, Sacramento

Scrap high-speed rail

Re “Election has upset state’s bullet-train financing outlook” (Page 5A, Dec. 26): Has anyone ever asked any Southern Californian: Which do you prefer, water or rapid transit to Northern California? I really don’t think we even need to ask such a stupid question. So why don’t we take that $64 billion and use it for desalinization plants? Sounds like win-win to me.

Don Anderson, Folsom

Bee is wrong on homelessness

Re “Finally, a sign Sacramento is ready to fix homelessness” (Editorials, Dec. 26): Kudos to Mayor Darrell Steinberg for focusing on the issue of homelessness so early in his tenure. An equal shoutout goes to the Sacramento City Council and Sacramento County Board of Supervisors for scheduling meetings to discuss new ways they can work together. But The Bee’s Editorial Board deserves a lump of coal for proclaiming that the only real solution for homelessness is permanent housing.

Homeless people don’t become homeless in order to access government-sponsored housing. Even if you offer every homeless person government-sponsored housing, not all will accept.

Mark Andrews, Sacramento


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