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Letters: Storm water is wasted as it runs to the ocean

The water level of the Sacramento rivers reaches 27 feet at the Tower Bridge on Monday, Jan. 9, 2017, in Sacramento, Calif.
The water level of the Sacramento rivers reaches 27 feet at the Tower Bridge on Monday, Jan. 9, 2017, in Sacramento, Calif. pkitagaki@sacbee.com

Storm water is running to ocean

Re “Storm brings no major flooding, but risks remain” (Page 1A, Jan. 9): Millions of acre feet of water are flowing to the ocean with this massive storm. Can the state agencies responsible for water tell us how much additional water was stored in existing reservoirs, or new ones, how much water was diverted to recharge critical groundwater basins, how conservation measures will be affected, and if the Bay Delta and salmon are better or worse?

I voted for the water bond and wonder if any of the $7 billion is being used to capture this bounty.

Paul Kronenberg, Elk Grove

Trump deserves some respect

Re “La La Land dominates at the Globes” (5A, Jan. 9): I agree with what Meryl Streep said about Donald Trump. He seems to be a horrible person. However, I do not agree with the way she talked about our president-elect.

While I’m having a hard time putting Trump together with the word president, it was disrespectful for Streep to say what she said about him. Liberal Democrats think that all Republicans are idiots who are out of touch. Conservative Republicans feel the same way about Democrats. Nothing a liberal says will change the mind of a conservative and vice versa.

Here’s an idea: Why don’t we accept that our country has many different views and one view is not better than another and learn how to work together. I believe we need moderates running our country, not ultra-conservatives or ultra-liberals.

Nancie Goodnough, Auburn

Trump makes us a laughingstock

Donald Trump insists he never made fun of a disabled reporter, even though his put-down is captured on video for the world to see. Instead of preparing for the many serious challenges of our country, the thin-skinned Trump is obsessed with tweeting about Meryl Streep and Celebrity Apprentice. Trump is not yet in office but he’s already a joke, and America is soon to be a laughing stock on the world stage. Sad.

Stephen Farr, Folsom

Trump should release tax returns

Re “McConnell: Dems must ‘grow up’ on top nominees” (Page7A, Jan. 9): While recent focus has been on the confirmation hearing of Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees, there has been a deafening silence regarding the required financial disclosure of the President-elect.

Trump’s failure to provide his tax returns flies in the face of vetting for conflicts of interest and defies historical precedent. Does “Make America Great Again” include financial secrecy and non-disclosure of potential conflicts of interest by its highest office holder?

Eric Waddell, Sacramento

Putin’s hacking leveled the field

Re “Report pins election meddling on Putin” (Page 1A, Jan. 7): The outrage of the hacking of the Democratic National Commission is interesting to me. Are we forgetting that our government hacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone? Are we forgetting that our government paid to affect the Israeli election? This hacking leveled the playing field of the election because our media attacked Donald Trump and gave Hillary Clinton a pass.

Karen Cochran, Roseville

What has Donald Trump done – ever?

Here’s another way of looking at Donald Trump. Ask his supporters to provide an undisputed example of anything he has accomplished, which can be defined as honorable.

Jack Pelletier, El Dorado Hills

Let’s institute single payer

Medicare for Re “House GOP leader asks Gov. Brown: How would you replace Obamacare?” (Page 6a, Jan. 7): House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy wrote to Gov. Jerry Brown asking for his help in replacing the Affordable Care Act. If he answers, he should be succinct: Single-payer, Medicare for all.

William H. Keyser, Carmichael

State-funded sex change is wrong

Re “State funds first U.S. inmate sex-reassignment surgery” (Page 6A, Jan. 7): If I were transgender, had no money and wanted a sex change operation, all I would have to do is commit murder, receive a life sentence with no possibility of parole and get the California taxpayers to pay $100,000 for the operation.

Too bad the murdered victim isn’t alive to appreciate the generosity of California politicians. The only description for this situation is that it is completely insane.

John Hightower, Orangevale


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