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Letters: Congress, think long and hard before repealing Obamacare

Obamacare has kept us healthy

Re “Whom is McCarthy representing, anyway?” (Editorials, Jan. 18): While visiting friends in Beverly Hills when the Affordable Care Act was being debated, one asked why he should pay for people who live in East Los Angeles. I said because it will protect you. If plague broke out there, germs would not stop at the sign that says they’re entering Beverly Hills.

Keeping others healthy helps you and yours stay healthy, and is much cheaper then going to the emergency room.

John Johnston, Sacramento

Ending Obamacare makes no sense

There is no reason to repeal the Affordable Care Act when it has benefited masses of citizens. And to make preparations to repeal it when we lack a suitable replacement? This is insanity.

Forget about the liberal hacks or the conservative extremists. This issue goes beyond party. This is about the welfare and dignity of the United States. Congress is in the process of attempting to strip an act that has saved lives. It would cast millions of families aside. Regrettably, it seems that I cannot bear to proclaim myself as a proud American.

Cheryl Chen, Sacramento

Health care should not be political

We should all be letting our congressional representatives know that we need the Affordable Care Act. Even if we already have health care, thousands of people don't. They will have no way to stay healthy, get treatment if they are sick, or handle medical emergencies. Republicans who want to repeal the law should pay attention to the people who are confronting them. This should not be a political issue.

Isabelle Burroughs, Sacramento

Obama was ‘all talk, talk, talk’

Re “Why Trump's tantrums will soon be dangerous” (Editorials, Jan. 17): It irritates me Donald Trump is receiving so much criticism for his Twitter response to Rep. John Lewis' accusation that he is "not a legitimate president." Trump said he could use help from Lewis to solve the problems of deteriorating inner cities, and tweeted, "Instead of criticizing my presidency, Mr. Lewis would do better if he tried to clean up the crime in his own district. He has been all talk, talk, talk, without any tangible results.”

After watching Barack Obama's farewell speech, I felt exactly the same way about the last eight years.

Bill Graham, Salinas

Clinton was her own worst enemy

Yes, we voted for Donald Trump, a rich celebrity. Yes, he has a rude New York attitude, and uses Twitter in the middle of the night. However, Trump will be awake for that 2 a.m. telephone call. Hillary Clinton did not make a decision to evacuate the four Americans who lost their lives in Benghazi. Trump has the brains to find people who have the brains to manage large companies and will make good decisions.

If Clinton had used a secure server like the government required, the e-mail scandal would not have happened. Maybe, just maybe, she might have been elected president. Clinton was her own worse enemy. Both sides have many people who do not open their eyes, and believe whatever their party says.

Les Brown, Sacramento

John Lewis had a point about Trump

Rep. John Lewis has a valid case for the illegitimacy of the Trump presidency. Our nation is governed by Constitutional Law, which states that every citizen has "the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury." Accordingly, our courts declare a mistrial whenever that trial is found not to be impartial due to jury tampering or collusion among judge and jury. Our elections are bound by this same legal code, and, as the law prescribes, an election that was tampered should similarly be declared invalid. Our election was tampered with by the Russians and James Comey, and it is therefore the responsibility of the Supreme Court to declare a mis-election.

Burr Leonard, Sausalito

Putin won big on Nov. 8, and we lost

Vladimir Putin must be very pleased. Through Trump, Putin has succeeded in destabilizing the United States political system, and possibly Europe’s too.

As Donald Trump and his regime plan to dismantle the protections that Americans rely on, citizens are massing in the streets in protest and fear. Trump is untutored and ungoverned by facts, due process and rule of law. If Putin has compromising information about Trump, Russia may exert undue influence over Trump. That would explain his dislike of NATO and the European Union. It’s clear that Trump’s election is good for Putin and bad for the rest of us.

Nancy Hughett, Sacramento


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