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Letters: Kevin Starr joins the giants of California history

Kevin Starr joins history’s giants

Re “Former state librarian was California's premier historian” (Page 1A, Jan. 16): Kevin Starr never wavered in his belief that Californians were a unique people, especially when it came to water. Starr traced water history as the sustainer of life and mother of civilized invention. He drew the line from the Gold Rush to the rise of the state’s great agriculture. This led to prosperous cities with year-round gardens and care for the environment.

I’m glad he lived to see the California drought. As he wrote, “Many were predicting that California was over, finished, hasta la vista! Not so. Not for now at least.”

He said the latest drought offers one final opportunity to reinvent California – through reformed water usage – and thus be able to maintain its viability as a nation state. He now joins those he wrote about – the giants of California history.

Rita Schmidt Sudman, Sacramento

U.S. agencies selectively enforce

Re “U.S. agencies still looking into Russian role in U.S. election” (Page 1A, Jan. 19): We need to know how deep another country can intrude into the security of America.

But where were these agencies when Hillary Clinton was exposing America to hackers with her basement email setup? Where were these five agencies when our IRS routinely denied conservative groups legitimate tax free status? Where were these five agencies when our veterans were dying while waiting for treatment?

Dave Putman, Citrus Heights

Let’s pull for Trump’s success

We should hope Donald Trump can change the country for the better rather than wish for his failure. Trump has an opportunity to make changes in America because of the Republican majority. I hope he dispels questions about his capabilities quickly, and that on inauguration day, we'll get a taste of what the following years will hold.

Hunter Brown, Sacramento

Republicans forget their roots

Re “Poll sees disapproval of Trump for his response to hacking” (Page 9A, Jan. 18): Once upon a time, most Republicans were conservative. They wanted to limit the risk of disaster in national affairs, and took a dim view of untried, experimental approaches to government. Like Hamlet, they “would rather bear the ills we have than fly to others that we know not of.”

Conservatives believed in balanced budgets, ethics, decorum and respect for those who’ve served the nation. They revered the U.S. Constitution with its checks and balances and the Bill of Rights.

That was then. Polls show 80 percent of Republicans support Trump, the man who knows no decorum, nor ethics, nor respect, the man who’s planning deficits in the trillions, who holds the Constitution in contempt. This post-conservative Republicanism is, in technical terms, scary.

Kevin Coyle, Sacramento

Matsui should boycott Trump

Re “Matsui torn over boycott of Trump” (Marcos Breton, Jan. 18): I was appalled by the decision of Rep. Doris Matsui to attend Donald Trump's inauguration. Her reasoning is that her personal feelings shouldn’t prevent her from showing support for democracy. But how could one support a democracy that has been compromised by Russia’s effort to help Trump? By being at the inauguration, she is joining the festivities for Trump's presidency and his narcissistic demeanor. Rep. Matsui, please, don't go. You have a lot better things to do.

Melvynm M. Rosales, Elk Grove

Honor the office, if not the man

Democrat lawmakers and others who are skipping the inauguration are missing the point. The presidential inauguration honors the office of the president of the United State, not Donald Trump. Don’t dishonor it. Please attend.

John West, Sacramento

Many will march against Trump

On Saturday Jan. 21, I will attending a women's march at our state Capitol, and will be joined by the wonderful friends, and by my husband and two sons. Almost 400 marches will be held in all 50 states, and 30 countries, as a show of unity and resistance to the misogyny, racism, and intolerance that Donald Trump has engendered.

My two children will be surrounded by strong, powerful women standing together in unison to show our love and support for each other and for all racial, sexual, and gender identities. We will send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world, that women’s rights are human rights. I urge all in this community who care about social justice and equal rights to come out and join me in this peaceful, family-friendly action.

Christina Stevenson, Sacramento


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