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Letters: Women’s March was an inspiration; Trump should pay attention

An estimated 20,000 people marched to the state Capitol during the Women’s March on Sacramento on Saturday.
An estimated 20,000 people marched to the state Capitol during the Women’s March on Sacramento on Saturday. aseng@sacbee.com

Trump must heed people

Re “Thousands stand together” (Page 1A, Jan. 22): I have lived in the Sacramento area for 40 years, and have never experienced a more thrilling day than taking part in the Sacramento women's march.

Watching people flow to Southside Park until I couldn't see the end of the crowd was awe inspiring. They all came down to the same ideas. Donald Trump, we oppose who you are, what you stand for and what you have said. Our America is not your America. Heed our voices or your presidency will be a failure.

Harold Ferber, Elk Grove

Press must be diligent

It's a great thing that people are protesting across the country to fight for what they believe in. It’s another great thing that we have news outlets like The Sacramento Bee to give us this information with as little bias as possible.

It would seem that with Sean Spicer's clearly false statements of inauguration turnouts at his first press meeting, the new administration is attempting to make the truth indiscernible from a lie.

Christian Archbold, Sacramento

Women must get more active

The women's march was amazing. To see so many women come together in such a positive way was incredible. It is no secret that there is still gender inequality. However, I'm disappointed that such a march wasn't organized until after a sexist man was elected. Trump is our president and the march isn't going to change that. This march, while inspiring, showed that not enough of us are politically active. We need to start preventing these things from happening rather than protesting them after the fact.

Claire Fetros, Sacramento

Women’s march was inspirational

This weekend's march to the capital was overwhelmingly inspiring. The solidarity proclaimed by the thousands of participants, male and female, showed the power that the people have retained after hundreds of years of democracy.

As a young woman who will be spending my college years under the Donald Trump administration, I hope that the powerful images from Saturday’s march shared in the article will inspire Americans, and invoke action on the behalf of women on the historically patriarchal Congress.

Clara Ginnell, Sacramento

Democratic traditions live on

It is incredibly heartening to see so many people come together to protest our current political situation. It is inspiring to see that so many people are against Donald Trump, and it gives one confidence in the huge power that the people of our nation have to affect real change through activism. I am inspired to see that democratic traditions are alive and well. It gives me hope for our nation, and hope for the world.

Malcolm King, Sacramento

Trump should acknowledge marchers

The worldwide march shows that people are united on the issues regarding Donald Trump. Donald Trump has become our president and that will not change for another four years. Listening to the people's concerns is part of a president's duty. But the marches didn't receive any comments from Donald Trump. The concern over the future of America and Americans was illustrated by this huge gathering of people. It deserves a president's acknowledgement.

Julia Chan, Sacramento

Donald Trump speaks the truth

Re “To lead nation, President Trump must speak for us all” (Editorials, Jan. 21): I’m truly irked by reading leftist loviated editorials and listening to the leftist TV media. Aside from all the losers from Denialville burning cars, and vandalizing business in D.C., we now have Madonna spouting useless profanities, while the “tolerant” thousands cheered.

And these people call Trump’s language disgusting? In your own editorial, you note that Trump spoke of “the real problems of crime and poverty.” But you had to note he was “painting a dark and exaggerated picture of American carnage.”

He’s giving the American people the truth in blunt language, not a whitewash of gibberish like president’s past. That’s why he’s now the president. He spoke more truth in 15 minutes than Obama did in eight years. Sometimes the truth hurts. Get over it.

Tom Orsat, Folsom

Electoral College saved us from Clinton

I am tired of hearing that Hillary Clinton won the popular ballot by 2,9 million votes. Donald Trump won the popular vote in 30 state. If we eliminate the 4.2 million vote lead Clinton enjoyed in California, Trump would have won the remaining popular vote by 1.4.

Thank our founding fathers for the electoral college. Otherwise, California could be determining our Presidents and that would not be a good idea.

Billy Barnes, Carmichael


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