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Letters: A better way to treat refugees

Jaclyn Moreno of Elk Grove, right, shows her support Sunday during a rally over President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees.
Jaclyn Moreno of Elk Grove, right, shows her support Sunday during a rally over President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees. rbyer@sacbee.com

A lesson for Trump on refugees, aid

Re “Trump orders ‘extreme vetting,’ shutting door to most refugees” (Page 8A, Jan. 28): On Wednesday, five students from Community Collaborative Charter School Service helped our community partner, World Relief Sacramento, set up an apartment for an immigrant family of three. The father and his two young children came to Sacramento from Iran, by way of a refugee camp in Turkey.

Our students assembled bed frames, hung curtains, unpacked pots, pans and dishes, and stocked the kitchen with food. They did an excellent job. I’d like to see President Trump behave the same way. Uphold his pledge to the U.S. Constitution and defy his own executive order. Lives are at stake.

Douglas J. Hirsch,

Fair Oaks

Refugee ban proof that Trump is unfit

Re “Trump orders ‘extreme vetting,’ shutting door to most refugees,” (Page 8A, Jan. 28): Can we just say Donald Trump is incompetent for this job? If he hadn’t stubbornly snubbed the Department of Homeland Security, listening instead to his adviser Steve Bannon, he could have avoided the fiasco he created on immigration.

Trump has managed to humiliate the United States within one week. Our country is in peril.

Catherine Elliott, Folsom

Trump needs an intervention

Re “Trump orders ‘extreme vetting,’ shutting door to most refugees” (Page 8A, Jan. 28): Although I agree with those protesting Trump, he should not be their target. Instead they should pressure congressional Republicans to stand up to Trump. Many Trump observers conclude he responds to flattery and retaliates against critics. Apparently Republicans concur. Why else would they reverse themselves on positions previously considered sacred?

Trump needs an intervention. Republicans should say, “We won’t confirm any more of your appointees until you put U.S. interests ahead of the alt-right.” It’s gratifying to protest against Trump, but changing those signs to placards urging Republicans to do the right thing can produce greater success.

Fred Taugher, Elk Grove

Refugees will overtax the U.S.

Re “As backlash swells, DHS eases limits on immigrants” (Page 1A, Jan. 30): While building a strong emotional case for why refugees should be able to travel to the United States, many of these articles fail to note the thousands of immigrants from Mexico and Central America who claim asylum each year. Many have been taught to say that they are in fear for their lives so they’ll be granted entrance.

It all comes down to overpopulation and stressed resources. If we continually allow immigrants into the U.S., we will overtax our resources and become another Third World country.

Kevin Depies, Elk Grove

Congress should listen to McCain

Re “Trump’s entry ban misses countries that actually produced previous attackers” (Sacbee.com, Jan. 30): Sen. John McCain is correct. Trump’s ban on travel from seven Muslim countries will help terrorist organizations and weaken the position of our Muslim allies. Congress should listen to McCain and reverse Trump’s harmful executive action.

Tom Shaw, San Jose

Don’t reduce aid for poor moms

Re “March for Life rallies in Washington, sensing victory within reach” (Page 1A, Jan. 28): The business of providing abortions is not health care, and abortions indeed are rarely medically necessary in regards to women’s health.

However, those in the “pro-life” movement should make sure to not encourage abortions in the first place by ensuring our president and Congress don’t cut or eliminate federal programs that benefit impoverished mothers and children. Such programs include the Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Service and First Five. Our government has to be involved in making sure children grow up well into being healthy, productive adults.

Michelle Kunert, Sacramento

It’s true, liberal bullies shun beer

Re “Liberals are often the biggest bullies” (Letters, Jan. 30): I got a kick out of the idea of liberal “PC fascists” promoting censorship through “bullying” and “mob action.” But it’s true if you think about it. People did stay away from Twelve Rounds beer bar in droves. That makes it one of the biggest spontaneous social movements of all time. We truly are living in the age of hyperbole. Sad.

Jay Tinsman, Lincoln


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