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Letters: Confusion, shifting blame in Mann case

Black Lives Matter protesters marched down I Street and then blocked the intersection at Fifth and J streets on Wednesday. The protest was over the decision by not to charge two police officers who shot a homeless man, Joseph Mann, last July.
Black Lives Matter protesters marched down I Street and then blocked the intersection at Fifth and J streets on Wednesday. The protest was over the decision by not to charge two police officers who shot a homeless man, Joseph Mann, last July. pkitagaki@sacbee.com

Police are brave, not ‘brazen’

Re “Just Because a police shooting is legal doesn’t mean it’s right” (Editorials, Feb. 1): I only had to get to the second paragraph of this opinion piece to get The Bee’s leftist bias. The police are brave, heroic, selfless, unafraid and dedicated to serving our community. They are not “brazen.” The police officers followed department policy. The Bee would have you believe only its opinion is valid and just.

Ross du Clair, Elk Grove

Still waiting for all the facts on Mann

Re “Mixed messages on Joseph Mann case” (Letters, Feb. 2):) One of the issues that the Joseph Mann case brought out was the public’s desire for transparency when there is a police shooting. The release of the videos helped somewhat, but they also raised questions. Why, when there were already officers on the scene who were de-escalating the situation, John Tennis and Randy Lozoya felt they needed to attempt to run over Mann and then exit their vehicle?

Actions have consequences, and Mann has suffered the consequences of his actions. But the actions of Tennis and Lozoya haven’t been explained to my satisfaction. I just want all of the facts.

Dawn Wolfson, Cameron Park

Wrongful death for Mann? Or not?

Re “Deal in place to end Mann lawsuit” (Page 3A, Feb. 1): First of all, the shooting of Joseph Mann was a terrible thing, especially for the family. But am I missing something here? The two Sacramento Police Department officers were found to be justified in their actions, but the City Council is going to pay Mann’s family for wrongful death? I feel bad for the taxpayers of Sacramento. The city is going to need more money.

Jim McCarthy, Antelope

UC Berkeley staff complicit in rioting

Re “Trump tweet threatens UC fund cut over speaker’s cancellation” (SacBee.com, Feb. 2): If the student body president is correct and the rioters were not students, why did they not stop them? Why did they allow them to hide in their crowd? Why did they not start grabbing rioters and turning them over to the police?

By not doing so, the administration, in fact, supported those who believe they have the right to destroy other people’s property and commit acts of violence. And this invalidates everything the protesters are supposed to stand for. Shame on you, Berkeley students.

Tim Watts, Livermore

Promises don’t trump Constitution

Re “Trump just keeping his vows to voters” (Letters, Feb. 1): To all the letter writers explaining that President Trump is “just keeping his campaign promises,” I must ask: Does the U.S. Constitution not matter? At all?

My late mother, when annoyed about something big or small, would often deadpan, “What we need is complete and total dictatorship with me in charge.” And then we would both break into laughter. I’m not laughing now.

JC Fisher, Carmichael

Trump is restoring safety, rule of law

Re “Trump needs an intervention” (Letters, Jan. 31): The rule of law is the best way to treat not only refugees, but all people in America. Safety is critical at this time when our leaders must evaluate the previous administration’s policies and restore immigration laws that were not being followed.

For too long our nation has been educated in oppression theology, which makes everyone a victim. Get over this short ban and realize it is for our own good. Immigration is not going away, nor is our love if it. President Trump is not going away, either. Let’s welcome him and not fight his wisdom to make America safe.

Georgiana Preskar, Elk Grove

Trump supporters don’t need ‘help’

Re “It’s time to help Trump supporters” (Letters, Feb. 1): What happened to the left in this country? I thought they were supposed to be tolerant and opposed to name calling? When Obama was elected, I don’t remember anybody threatening to blow up the White House and accusing his kids of being a future murderer.

Believe me, we don’t need any help.

Michael Davis, Rancho Murieta

You must be kidding

Re “Why Democrats shouldn’t do what Republicans did on Supreme Court nominee” (Editorials, Feb. 2): I had to read it three times to believe it. You think Neil Gorsuch is better than whomever Donald Trump might nominate next? If Republicans give Merrick Garland a hearing, then sure, Democrats should give Gorsuch a hearing.

Claudia Krich, Davis


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