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Letters: Trump should stop acting like dictator

President Donald Trump walks toward Marine One as he departs the White House on Friday.
President Donald Trump walks toward Marine One as he departs the White House on Friday. Abaca Press

Trump acting as if U.S. is dictatorship

Re “U.S. defying courts on travel ban, contempt motions say” (Page 1A, Feb. 3): As Andy Furillo points out, President Donald Trump “has defied court orders.” He is, as of this writing, continuing to do so. While defying various federal courts, Trump also has nominated Neil Gorsuch to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. That is incredible.

How can a man who apparently has decided that the law doesn’t apply to him choose a Supreme Court justice? As others have noted, the Trump administration is acting as if it is a dictatorship.

Inna Tysoe, Sacramento

Eight is enough for Supreme Court

Re “Why Democrats shouldn’t do what Republicans did on Supreme Court nominee” (Editorials, Feb. 2): I was a Republican because I shared their fiscal vision and their courage to stand up for what they believed. But I became a Democrat after watching the flagrant use of the presidency by George W. Bush, which placed the country in economic and civil peril.

With Trump, I appreciate that most liberals are worried about immigration and the environment. Bad laws can be overturned in the next administration, but a new Supreme Court justice means our way of life will change for the next generation and beyond. It is time for Democrats to say, “not on our watch.” Our Constitution doesn’t require nine justices.

Larry Nurse, Fair Oaks

Trump, the bully, looks to Mexico

Re “Trump scolds Australian leader in call,” (Page 2B, Feb. 2): President Donald Trump reminds me of a little boy showing off to get attention. Now that he doesn’t have Hillary Clinton to hover over at debates, he’s bullying the prime minister of Australia and the president of Mexico, bragging to them about his landslide election, even though he lost the popular vote by millions.

His behavior is an embarrassment to me and to this country. My 11-year-old grandson has more manners and shows more respect than he does.

Maxine Cornwell,


Travel ban won’t make U.S. safer

Re “Trump is restoring safety, rule of law” (Letters, Feb. 3): There has not been one terrorist act in the United States by a refugee from any of the countries on Donald Trump’s list. On 9/11, thousands were killed and wounded by terrorists from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon. In San Bernardino, dozens were killed and wounded by a woman from Pakistan and her husband.

This banning of refugees is nothing more than political grandstanding. It is the best recruiting gift ISIS could have hoped for.

Gene Cirillo, Gold River

Milo got what he wanted at the UCs

Re “Don’t let Milo Yiannopoulos taint message of free speech” (Editorials, Feb. 4): I didn’t know much about Milo prior to the UC Davis event and, recently, the one at UC Berkeley. I never had a reason to view the Breitbart site, but I will now. The UC system claims “outsiders” are the cause of violence. Intolerance coming from young’uns crying about a difference of opinion.

If they truly believe in free speech, then let others do the same and provide safe passage for those wishing to hear him speak.

Liz Forsman, Sacramento

Don’t shift blame in Berkeley riot

Re “Don’t let Milo Yiannopoulos taint message of free speech” (Editorials, Feb. 4): The Bee’s editorial board insinuates Milo Yiannopoulos is responsible for the damage done by protesters at UC Berkeley and other college venues. You claim he is “playing” the protesters in regards to free speech? An invitation to speak at a public university is playing people?

Too bad the protesters, many of whom don’t have a clue why they are even protesting, will believe this nonsense.

Dave Putman,

Citrus Heights

Bureaucracy, greed messing with water

Re “Storms create a surprising problem for state” (Page 1A, Feb. 3): The status quo continues to the detriment of Californians. There are two elephants in the room.

First, I’ve asked representatives from the State Water Resources Control Board why we don’t develop more effective ways to store water during non-drought times. They merely respond that my question is “the 10 million-dollar question.” Second, greed is driving endless development when we’re not able to ensure enough water for everyone already in California.

It sure would be nice to keep my lawn green and not see more natural land disappearing so politicians and developers get richer.

Mitch Darnell, Sacramento


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