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LETTERS Racist chants, GOP letter, Koons art, Raiders next move

Students at the University of Oklahoma protest a racist chant by members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity that was caught on video.
Students at the University of Oklahoma protest a racist chant by members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity that was caught on video. The Associated Press

Condemning racism not enough

Re “Oklahoma college cuts ties to fraternity after racist video” (Page A6, March 10): While I join with the majority of Americans in expressing disgust at the racism displayed by the fraternity boys at the University of Oklahoma, I’m equally dismayed that it appears that the collective disapproval of blatant racism is upstaging an examination of indirect, institutionalized racism that many individuals in our society experience in their daily lives.

It’s a good start that the university acted swiftly and decisively, and that public opinion was so strong. But we will only be tackling the problem when we look beyond censure of forbidden words to the root causes of racism, such as pervasive poverty, workplace discrimination, unemployment and unequal rates of incarceration that disproportionately affect Americans of color.

Let’s not end this important dialogue with simple condemnation of the college students, when what’s really called for is self-reflection and action to support those who are marginalized in our society.

Dina Burns, Granite Bay

Confused about GOP letter

Re “Politics of the absurd” (Letters, March 11): The letter writers opposed to the GOP Senate letter sent to Iranian leaders are having a bit of a hissy fit. The point of view expressed in nearly all these letters is absurd and downright confused.

It is clear to anyone without a chip on their shoulder against the GOP that the intent of the GOP letter is not to undermine President Barack Obama, but to advise the president and the leaders of Iran.

To Obama and Iran, the message is simple: Negotiate the deal but bring it to the Congress. If you want this agreement to stick, both parties must submit this agreement to Congress for ratification. This letter does not support the mullahs in Iran or undermine the president; it clarifies the process. Simple. Direct. Enough said.

Steven Johnson, Sacramento

Patriots or grandstanders?

Re “Senators meddle, get in the way of Iran nuclear deal” (Editorials, March 11): The 47 Republican senators who signed the letter to Iran betrayed their motive by not first taking their argument to the podium of the organization they claim membership.

The Senate is called the greatest deliberative body in the world and is the appropriate place to make their point if their purpose was to advance the interests of the country. Unfortunately, their purpose seems to be to make headlines in an effort to undermine support for President Barack Obama and his policies. The 47 acted more like frat boys than patriots.

Ralph Novak, Lincoln

It’s in the Constitution

Article II, Section 2, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution says the president “shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two-thirds of the senators present concur.”

Since President Barack Obama has a history of executive action without the Congress, it is hardly a mystery why that letter was sent to Iran. The U.S. has three branches of government. This is not a dictatorship.

Lynn King, Folsom

Art will be famous, for sure

Re “Council backs buying Koons art for arena” (Page A1, March 11): At the City Council hearing to discuss and vote on the installation of a huge Jeff Koons sculpture in the plaza of the new arena, local art patron and the mother of a Sacramento Kings minority owner said of the proposed work, “It’s destined to become the most photographed image in Sacramento history.”

Yes, I can see the Twitter and Instagram captions now: “Look at this joke!” and “What a fiasco!”

Richard Vidan, Orangevale

The emperor’s new artwork

Re “$8 million for what?” (Letters, March 11): Although I admit to being artistically challenged, I came to appreciate the art I viewed at the Hermitage, the Louvre and museums in Italy. Then I flew home to Sacramento to be greeted by a huge red rabbit that our leaders said was art. OK, I’ll go along.

Now I am told that the colorful $8 million object to be placed in front of the new arena is also art. I recall a fairy tale about an emperor who was told he was wearing magnificent clothes when in fact he was bare. All of his followers pretended they saw the clothes so as not to look like fools. They were all duped.

It is ironic that the art issue involves Kings. Hmmm, do you suppose we commoners have been fooled?

Doris Concklin, Carmichael

Performance equals art

If one equates Koons’ art with the Kings’ win-loss record, Sacramento got just what it deserves.

Candy Taylor Tutt, Woodland

The Sacramento Raiders

Re “Oakland may have most yards to cover to save its NFL team” (Capitol & California, March 10): Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is on a roll and should shoot for a three-peat. We kept our NBA team and soon hopefully we will have a Major League Soccer team. Let’s bring an NFL team to Sacramento.

It would be like winning the trifecta; NBA, MLS, then NFL. These national teams would help make Sacramento a world-class destination, especially for sports lovers.

And, the Sacramento Raiders even has a ring to it.

Kenton Ashworth, Folsom


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