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Letters: Surprisingly steep price for Grant High’s pool

Mayor Darrell Steinberg speaks at the dedication of a new pool at Grant High school.
Mayor Darrell Steinberg speaks at the dedication of a new pool at Grant High school. hamezcua@sacbee.com

Why did Grant’s pool cost so much?

Re “Splashy opening at Grant as new pool lures swim team members” (Page 3A, March 29): The fact that Grant Union High School got a new pool is a good thing. The fact that it ran over the projected cost by $2 million is not. Was anyone managing the project? How could this happen?

Phil Vercruyssen,


Proposed taxes will hurt poor

Re “Dem leaders agree to raise gas tax, fees for state, local roads” (Page 1A, March 30): It is outrageous that Gov. Brown and Democratic legislators are proposing more fuel taxes on an already overburdened California citizenry. This will affect lower-income Californians disproportionately, and is therefore a regressive tax.

It is ludicrous that previously collected transportation taxes are being diverted to the general fund, and road maintenance is in shambles, even through potholes are evident everywhere and an excess of Caltrans workers have remained on the payroll. Why is it that all our previously collected fuel taxes are not enough?

Carole Dudley,

Meadow Vista

Kaepernick is a hero for kneeling

Re “Kaepernick has too much baggage” (Letters to the Editor. March 31): In the dictionary, the definition of a hero is, “a person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose.” Colin Kaepernick chose kneeling during the national anthem to bring about attention to the disproportionate number of African American men who die at the hands of law enforcement. Jim Harbaugh was right to stand up for him.

Charles Clayton,

Walnut Grove


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