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The Bee editorial board leans left, but not on teacher tenure

A letter writer points out that sexual misconduct – allegations of which cost Bill O’Reilly his job – has occurred in people on both sides of the political aisle.
A letter writer points out that sexual misconduct – allegations of which cost Bill O’Reilly his job – has occurred in people on both sides of the political aisle. Associated Press file

Liberal leanings

Regarding Bill O’Reilly’s dismissal from Fox News, letter writer Lennie Chancey pointed out on April 22 that the Sacramento Bee editorial board referenced boorish behavior from other Republicans. It is true that Fox and O’Reilly settled allegations by paying millions of dollars to the women who filed charges. Those were just that, allegations. On the other hand there is no doubt that Bill Clinton engaged in improper sexual relations and harassment against women.

Regarding Ann Coulter, letter writer Doug Hinchey on April 27 stated that people on the left who stopped her from speaking are the real haters. His conclusion was that the Bee’s Editorial Board wants to blame speakers it does not agree with. If the shoe were on the other foot, would The Bee support preventing liberal speakers? The Bee has never met a liberal politician or cause it didn’t support.

Bill May, Ione

Tenure doubts

Re “Taking on teacher tenure in California is no small undertaking” (Editorials, May 1): Hurrah. The Sacramento Bee editorial board advocated for the concept of efficient, effective workers and results, rather than a union's self-interest. Teachers unions do not seek what's best for students and their education, but rather what's good for themselves. "Tenure is a privilege and not a right." Amen. I finally agree with a Bee editorial.

Buzz McClain, Fair Oaks

Tune-up for schools

I felt compelled to challenge a plethora of nasty, cynical comments, only to encourage more. Education in California is in need of a tune-up, but neither punishing nor insulting the process or the players will improve educational performance a whit.

We need sincere people who've done their homework to find new ways to improve our schools. If we expect our students to perform at a higher level, we need to get everyone - politicians, education establishment, parents, and the public - to act differently. What I read today as comment was self-inflating grandstanding that only worsens the problem by spreading cynicism.

Richard Howell, Nevada City

Hiding behind tenure

In my past teaching days, tenure was achieved after three full consecutive years. After that, a teacher was entitled to full legal rights and a guarantee of due process. By comparison, most federal, state, county, and municipal employees are awarded full status after six months or one year.

When tenure was changed to two years, some teachers were released after one year and not legally being entitled to an explanation or reason as to why, even if they had great evaluations all year.

As it is now, tenure still means a haven for incompetency by some. Tenure is meant to guarantee full protection and rights to all who satisfy their probationary requirements.

Jerry Marr, Davis

The unending war

Re “Friendly fire may have killed 2 U.S. Army Rangers in Afghanistan” sacbee.com, April 28): Can someone please tell me just what, after 16 years, are we still doing in Afghanistan? American blood is still being spilled for this dry-bones, imitation country.

William J. Hughes, Sacramento


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